Today it is Glashütte Calendar Date, August 25

Aug 25, 2022,00:59 AM


The Glashütte Original Calendar Date is August 25.



Recently, a new model from Glashütte Original was released with the name PanoMaticCalendar 1-92-09-02-05-62.



A really nice acquaintance in red gold that has a case that measures 42 mm.



I assume that the size change is to fit the month scale and keep a beautiful balance in the dial.



Furthermore, the dial has received a broken edge, usually called rehaut, where we now find the model name, which used to be where the month scale is now placed.


Photo credit Glashütte Original.

The dial is a masterpiece as usual and the hands in red gold really stand out.


The dial in galvanized silver with a matte surface allows the shiny components to become clearer.



The blue seconds hand is probably a bit unique, as far as I can remember, Glashütte Original usually has the same material and color on all hands.



The blue and gold going very well together.



If I have to complain about something, I think the monthly display is a bit unclear as it can be a bit difficult to read at certain angles.



Now it's time to take a closer look at the new movement Calibre 92-09 which includes 53 jewels.



Calibre 92 is recognizable with its smaller rotor and the unique duplex swan neck.



Photo credit Glashütte Original.


Here we find stripe finishes, hand engraved balance bridges and polished swan necks.




With the annual calendar the date advances automatically at the end of the month from the 30th or 31st to the 1st.The month wheel at the heart of the movement serves as this function.



Photo credit Glashütte Original.


A total of 38 tiny balls made of hardened steel with a diameter of 0.5 mm ensure that friction is reduced to a minimum and the efficiency of mechanical processes improved.



Photo credit Glashütte Original.


T he calibre 92-09 is loaded with moon phase, annual calendar, panorama date also has a power reserve of 100 hours.



The red gold model comes with a dark brown Louisiana alligator nubuck leather strap that really fits this watch. And you can choose clasp or fold fastener in red gold.



The frame around the date window frames this really elegantly.



The edge of the dial gives a soft and nice transition towards the case, then putting the model name there is an ingenious way to minimize the text on the dial.



I also think that the dial's edge makes the diameter feel smaller.



There is a little lume, but not so much.




Here is a few more pics to enjoy.



















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Hi Jocke,

 By: alarm4y ( Nick) : August 25th, 2022-01:38
Always enjoying you’re posts. And you’re watches as well. Cheers Nick

This is stunning...

 By: mdg : August 25th, 2022-02:16
...I did not know of this one, but I will now look for more info. The photos (as always) are fantastic...


 By: amanico : August 25th, 2022-22:25

Thanks for sharing

 By: Jari from Finland : August 25th, 2022-10:12
Nice watch and the pics. The idea behind the month display is a bit different as usually.

Gorgeous piece

 By: Brian : August 25th, 2022-10:40
Beautiful images of a great watch

Superb watch and picture Jocke! Any wristshot?

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : August 25th, 2022-11:39

Realy nice watch!

 By: Tony.A. : August 25th, 2022-14:42

Thanks guys.

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : August 28th, 2022-14:05

I am liking it a lot.

 By: COUNT DE MONET : September 2nd, 2022-04:42
The frame on the big date, the extra complication, the size and the extra power reserve of 100h makes it a very appealing watch to me. A superb, noble addition to the line up!

It would be more useful

 By: SamEE : November 23rd, 2022-01:48
If it was days of the week instead of months.