The watch is German...

Jul 30, 2020,21:35 PM

... but the toast is French.

What’s everyone else wearing and cooking up for breakfast?

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Breakfast is best...

 By: APROchrono : July 31st, 2020-03:57
... when one has nothing on. But a watch of course.

Bravo. This morning...

 By: amanico : July 30th, 2020-23:26

Yummy! [nt]

 By: APROchrono : July 31st, 2020-03:57

Another german with big date

 By: lm6 : July 31st, 2020-00:08

Both yummy!

 By: APROchrono : July 31st, 2020-03:56
Would have either for breakfast in a heartbeat!

Another german with big date

 By: THD85 : July 31st, 2020-06:56
this is just gorgeous!

Great GO. How is its rate accuracy?

 By: yacomino : July 31st, 2020-16:43
Looking into buying this model shortly myself...

Haven’t tested it...

 By: APROchrono : August 1st, 2020-00:24
... but let me do the iPhone synch test over the next day and get back to you.

Not very scientific...

 By: APROchrono : August 2nd, 2020-05:24
But using an internet based synch (timeanddate), it was ahead by 3-4 seconds over a 24 hour period, kept stationary in a box in the wrist up position. It is a 5-6 year old watch and unserviced as far as I know (I bought it preowned from a friend).

No worries. [nt]

 By: APROchrono : August 2nd, 2020-07:33