On request: My Glashütte Orignal story/journey

Jun 22, 2024,20:19 PM




After a few visits at Baselworld I got my eyes wide open for a company named Glashütte Original,
this was in 2005. Me and Tony was invited to the company and they treat us as the stars we are so we feel
at home from day one. Just two regular guys that love watches are not accustomed to this attention,
rather used to hearing: Is it genuine?

When I saw the Sport Evolution on Trieste strap for the first time so did I know now is it just a matter of
time. So some time after we hit 2006 was it a fact, my first Glashütte Original is here just like I want it.
Caliber 39 it's a great entry movement that can be configured in a lot of different options.

As it use to be so after the Sport Evolution have landed I start looking for next one, The PanoMaticLunar
is a watch that don't looks like a regular watch. The off center dial, small secondhand, panoramadate &
moonphase can cause eyes to be torn. And if that is not enough so can you always turn it around and rest
your eyes on the caliber 90 with a micro rotor and duplex swan necks. This is art my friends.

After I have enjoy my Glashütte Original watches for some time so will the caliber 100 gets my attention
and I looking around for one of those but just in the middle of all, I stumbled upon a Senator Chronograph
and then the caliber 100 dreams awaiting a little bit because this one have a caliber 39. Now I begin to
realize that this is an addiction that can not be cured but with my dear wifes support so we must try to
learn to live with this disease.

I get no support from the Glashütte Original company so at next Baselworld did I realize how bad they can
be when they completely ignored, they put a PanoInverse in stainless steel in my hand with a smile on their
lips. My first thought where did they hear when I said earlier at the release of the gold PanoInverse that
I had bought it if it was stainless steel. Then when they made a stealth version, all of my resistance was
destroyed. So when it landed in Sweden, I stood outside the AD with the credit card in my hand and shouting,
it's mine, it's mine and of course it was.

Before I retrieve from the previous release, of course, they update the PanoMaticLunar with a better balance
at the dial and with a thinner bezel it gets a very sophisticated impression. Furthermore, the size of the hands
is increased and filled with Super Luminova which icing the cake. So it's going to take a while when you're as
weak as I can not resist the temptations of this rank. Of course it ends with one of those too.

When I thought I saw everything, of course, Glashütte original should continue its brilliant show how to break down
a watchoholic to the smallest elements. Well then, we have to show how we update our Senator Observer down in our dial
manufacturer in Pforzheim with an artistic touch with our cans filled up with Super Luminova. The black matte dial with
all those Super Luminova is to die for. And to ensure that one of these watches lands in Sweden, we obviously see that
there is a caliber 100 on the other side of the dial. Yes you understand where it ends, where we are right now.

Luckily, it's almost a year to the next Baselworld so I get some peace, so it will be a visit next year again with a bumpy
heart when I enter your booth. For one thing, it is for sure that this journey will never ends. So with mixed feelings, I
have to say thank you for everything Glashütte Original. You are undoubtedly my favorite watch manufacturer and we have had
a unique relationship over the years, which I really appreciate. So this is my first 10 years with Glashütte Original so now
lets focus on the next ten years.

All of a sudden, the news comes that Baselworld has been canceled due to a pandemic in 2020, even though Swatch Group has
already withdrawn. After all, this was an event that made the craving for something new screwed up the brain a bit. So after
looking forward to a better 2021, the plans were soon crushed again and now it was a fact that The Baselworld is going to the
grave. When I realized this, I just had to pick up the phone and call Roger (the Swedish GO AD) and place an order for a
Glashütte Original Panoreserve with the steel bracelet to relieve the pain.

The Calibre 65 is soo cool with the balance bridge and second cock engraved by hand.

A discreet enlightenment of the hands with a tiny splash of Super Luminova.

When you then think that everything is calm and have no purchase planned, what happens? Well, of course I stumble across a

Glashütte Original Senator Kalenderwoche/Calendar week Ref 100-05-13-02-04 which has been one of my wet dreams since 2006 when it was presented.

Display of day, week & date takes place in a very pleasant and well-balanced way. It is impossible not to love this watch.

This watch has a really advanced edition of caliber 100, a real monster I would say.

The back reveals nothing more than that the observant can note that there are a little more jewels than usual.

It is under the dial the unique part that ensures that both panorama windows show which week and day it is.


This only proves that there is no medicine for this disease. You are lulled into a calm and harmonious state, then the carpet is pulled away and you simply sit with the next unboxing.

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Superb GO gallery.

 By: hora12reborn : June 22nd, 2024-20:44

I am pretty sure your photos have sold many

 By: Darron : June 23rd, 2024-00:42
GO; as they are better than most marketing material!

Great Journey and Love Story

 By: SALMANPK : June 23rd, 2024-01:37
This is what the passion is all about, I had a similar journey with Panerai, AP. Independents and Seiko so understand how you feel, thank you for sharing. S

Thank you for sharing your incredible journey that is full of passion and fantastic pics of watches by a fantastic watch company

 By: Moka-Tiger (Ron) : June 23rd, 2024-13:14
GO, I feel, is not given as much attention as it should. Unfortunately, it gets lost among the very expensive watches made by another Glashutte watch manufactuerer. GO makes excellent watches that are attractive and which also have unique designs. And the...