Not the first GO I've wanted, but this PML is the first I've bought

Nov 05, 2022,01:26 AM

Its grey (ruthenium? anthracite?) dial and substantial nubuck alligator strap give this watch a full, mature feel. Given my current frame of mind, I'd go as far as to say 'age appropriate.'

Watches of distinction are sometimes described as head-turners. Not here, hopefully. The nice thing about this one is that it can pass unnoticed when it's not hiding under the cuff. A purely private pleasure... so satisfying...

That it comes in at one quarter of the price of its illustrious predecessor is a bit of a thrill too. I've always been a value collector focused on getting the most out of my money and, in this regard, this is a bonkers good watch.

p.s. Apologies for the random acts of cat fur and dust. I'm moving house and it's a building site beyond this photo.

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Huge Congrats! I‘m a big fan of…

 By: south : November 5th, 2022-06:57
black dial GOs myself. Out of curiosity, what was the predecessor?

Well, the one I REALLY wanted for a while was none other than ‘The Eye of Sauron.’

 By: Rosneathian : November 5th, 2022-07:34
That was the 2019 (if I recall correctly) edition of the 1960s line. A three hander with an in-house dial and in-house movement and that crazy burnt orange. I would pick it up in a flash but as I’m supposed to be downsizing right now I’m trying to stay to... 


 By: amanico : November 12th, 2022-09:41

Meow! The cat agrees that this is a cool watch!

 By: patrick_y : November 5th, 2022-11:29
The cat probably wants to claim your watch by putting fur all over your watch!

🙂 It’s a really top watch.

 By: Rosneathian : November 5th, 2022-12:07
As for Jackson and Liv, my goodness, there’s not an inch of this place they haven’t made their own…

They're going to cover the next place with their fur too!

 By: patrick_y : November 5th, 2022-12:36
They'll be furring up the place on the double with the new place!

Indeed! Lucky cats!

 By: patrick_y : November 6th, 2022-04:18
Good luck with the move!

Well done!

 By: jlux : November 5th, 2022-13:06
A highlight from the GO catalogue.

Super watch

 By: pmh6000 : November 5th, 2022-13:47

Nice in green to!

 By: Tony.A. : November 9th, 2022-17:15

Congrats to a very fine watch!

 By: Tony.A. : November 9th, 2022-17:14
I have the older version with the grey dial. ...  

Here is a pic of mine

 By: Jari from Finland : November 12th, 2022-08:45


 By: amanico : November 12th, 2022-09:41

A fine thing this is too :)

 By: Rosneathian : November 12th, 2022-12:25