My first Perpetual Calendar

Dec 04, 2018,17:43 PM

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Super choice. Glashutte seems to offer the most legible calendar watches.

 By: MichaelC : December 4th, 2018-17:47
They are wonderfully clean and easy to read. Congratulations!

That Might Be...

 By: elliot55 : December 4th, 2018-18:25
... Perpetual Perfection. - Scott

Wow that watch is beautiful

 By: ripper444 : December 4th, 2018-18:51
I didn’t even know GO made ceramic cases! Amazing


 By: Bounce781 : December 4th, 2018-19:27
If you got this off eBay then you beat me to it 😀👏

REF 100-07-06-06-04...

 By: elliot55 : December 4th, 2018-21:28
... I didn't know it either... and now I want one. Thanks, Roundel - Scott


 By: roundel : December 5th, 2018-03:16
This particular watch has English day and German month. Strange, but I do not like a German day wheel on Tuesdays.

Great first Perpetual.

 By: Horo_Traveler : December 4th, 2018-21:38
One of my favorites.


 By: roundel : December 5th, 2018-03:14
The watch body and buckle are ceramic.

Wow I had no idea this watch existed

 By: Poky : December 5th, 2018-15:01
What a great combination


 By: JLG22 : December 5th, 2018-02:33
Im thinking a lot about the senator perpetual these days. Whi knows. I might follow your steps soon.

Congrats to your nice perpetual calender!

 By: Tony.A. : December 5th, 2018-09:05
My owl and my steel version say hello ) ...  


 By: roundel : December 8th, 2018-10:16
Your Traveler is sweet.

One of my favorite perpetuals.

 By: Horo_Traveler : December 5th, 2018-18:35
I had one in steel that got stolen. Your picture is making me miss it.