GO Chronometer user review

Jun 19, 2019,14:43 PM

After wearing my GO Senator Chronometer for a few weeks, I’d like to give some initial impressions.

First, the watch itself is drop dead gorgeous, from the dial, the strap, buckle, to the movement. The classic look can still be appreciated 100 years from now. What I love most about the aesthetics of the watch is the textured dial. The egg shell like dial is completely mesmerizing. You need to find the right lighting and angle to appreciate it. Someone recently mentioned the blued hands really pop under the certain lighting. It’s very true. While the blue is attractive, the black hands, under different lighting, give a very vibe.

I personally like bigger watches, despite having smaller wrists. And I particularly like the size of this Chronometer. It just fits.

In terms of the metal, it’s my very first watch in rose gold. It was one of the internal debates I had before making the jump whether I’d appreciate the gold. It’s tricky with gold because it’s very hard to tell in pictures whether it’s something that would look right on the wrist. When I dropped by a local boutique and tried it on, I was convinced I was ready for something with gold. Unlike stainless steel, the rose gold color changes the personality of the watch based on the lighting which I find also quite interesting.

I see that many people don’t like Roman numerals but on this watch, I feel they’re the perfect fit. It gives such a classic feel to it. The date window is also something that just speaks to my heart. I don’t like the ALS version of the single-digit date window because it somehow appears incomplete to me.
The placement of the sub-dials is precise and deliberate. It’s non-intrusive and functional to its core.

The leather strap is very well made and it feels elegant. It leaves no space between the strap and watch case and it speaks to a special kind of attention to detail. I like the fact that the inner side of the leather is black so it probably will do a better job covering future stains.
Overall the watch is a hefty piece of jewelry and it literally packs a lot of watch onto the wrist.

The movement is something to behold. The swan-neck regulator is beautiful to look at and the overall finishing is very nice. One may argue that it’s a bit visually simple but I feel everything just fits well on this movement.

On to the critiques of the watch. As a new watch, I’ve tried to find every opportunity to wear it since it arrived. My conclusion is that it works mostly in formal dresses. You need at least a shirt to match the watch. I’ve tried it with a polo shirt and it just didn’t seem right.
As I mentioned earlier, I have smaller wrists and I like to wear my watches snuggly. It’s fine on other watches but on the Chronometer, the inner clasp digs into the radius bone of my arm and it’s uncomfortable. Because of that, I’ve had to go looser on it than I normally prefer. Now that I’m used to it, it’s not that big of a deal.

Another “complaint” is the power reserve on the watch. It has 47 hours which seems a bit low to me. A lower power reserve means more winding. I actually enjoy doing that but one problem that I notice is the crown is bit small for my clumsy fingers. Especially as you get closer to winding the watch to full, my fat fingers have to work extra hard to wind it.

All in all, I love this watch and would do it all over again. Would love to hear your feedback.

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Great review

 By: Jurry : June 20th, 2019-11:23
Thanks for sharing. the classic design, the font, the dial and dial color are simply superb. It’s a watch you can look at for hours and still don’t get bored with it

Accessory and tool

 By: Jurry : June 21st, 2019-10:08
Wasn’t a watch originally purely a critical tool for navigational purposes and did it evolve to one of men’s very few accessories? Well in corporate life the element “tool” is back. Not to measure it, but to get thru it haha

Excellent review for an amazing watch

 By: JLG22 : June 21st, 2019-04:26
Since I got it I dont take it off. I would just add to your review the second zero reset mechanism and the minute detente. Whenever I show it to my watch geek friends they're simply amazed. All in all an amazing watch and a great review. Thank you sir