Glashutte Original Senator Rattrapante, platinum

Feb 07, 2021,02:54 AM

There is a watch we discuss even less than the PanoGraph or PanoRetroGraph, the Rattrapante. A pity, as it is one of these rare manual winding Rattrapante Chronographs, and a well made one. 

I missed the train on this one. It existed in platinum and in rose gold. 

I always had a soft spot for the platinum, due the metal and the ruthenium dial. 

Credit picture: Craig. 

Of course, there are some points I would have changed, such as removing the big date or locating it a 6 o clock for a better harmony of the dial, and improving the finishing on the movement. 

But all in all, as it is, it is still a very tempting watch. 



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That movement is a beauty to look at

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : February 7th, 2021-04:32

Yes, not bad at all... ;)

 By: amanico : February 7th, 2021-10:17

Very well said.

 By: amanico : February 7th, 2021-14:50

Interesting; this dial has the sub dials placed higher than the center line

 By: darrony : February 7th, 2021-20:31
While the datograph has their sub dials below

Amazing watch, but.....

 By: stere : February 8th, 2021-01:46
... I sold mine (pt version) because it was very hard to read the time. The contrast between hands and dial is very poor and there is no phase on the edge of the hands so no reflection of light. It drove me crazy so I sold it. Good news: the new owner is ... 

It‘s me...

 By: p.boxster : February 11th, 2021-13:06
...and a good idea to wear it again. Long time not worn, but I still love it and for me, readability is OK (though right like Stere described). Langes are better in this case...

I have considered this watch a lot

 By: donizetti : February 12th, 2021-07:00
but could not get over the date placement (also not a fan of the blue cabochon on the crown). Love the size, heft and the movement, for the price, is nice I think. To me in the end it cannot hold a candle to the Double Split although Craig, whose picture ... 

Here is mine...

 By: p.boxster : February 18th, 2021-01:57
Wearing it today!! I am pleases by the heft and also line the date at this position! There are not many „simple“ rattrapantes with a date in the market (if any??), a very pleasing wear 👍 ...  

I look forward...

 By: p.boxster : February 20th, 2021-01:47
...meeting you, it would be my pleasure and hope that this will be possible soon...!!

Let's just make it!

 By: amanico : February 20th, 2021-06:39

Stunning. This is one of the best colored watches I can think of.

 By: MichaelC : February 21st, 2021-05:50
Platinum with the perfect deep grey, silver, blue, and a little red & black. They make for a striking piece!

good to know...

 By: stere : February 22nd, 2021-00:05
...that this amazing timepiece found a reasonable place in your collection! stere