Glashutte Original Senator Cosmopolite Steel. If only...

Dec 14, 2023,07:51 AM

If only it came in a 42 mm case, and most importantly, 2 or 3 mm thinner... I would have jumped on it. 

Each time I see it, I like it, and when I get a closer look, its thickness frightens me... Each time. 

I really love the concept, with these airport names. And this dial, which is very much my taste. 

Yes, if only... 



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It is a great watch and a great brand,but....

 By: jlux : December 14th, 2023-09:33 many (most) of their watches are just too big and/or thick for my taste. The Cosmopolite is such a great concept but as you rightfully point out,these case proportions do not work for many wrists.

 By: Richard M : December 14th, 2023-12:23
The hour numerals are truly beautiful!

Or why not

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : December 14th, 2023-15:33
visit the gym a little more often so you get a fit forearm. 🤣🤣

They call me the man of solutions. 😂

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : December 14th, 2023-17:08


 By: hora12reborn : December 14th, 2023-20:03


 By: amanico : December 14th, 2023-22:40

Beautiful pictures. Imho the only serial worldtime watch out there

 By: hora12reborn : December 14th, 2023-20:11
that is a really working worldtimer tool watch. Knows the DST and the various timezones that are not multiples of one hour. But perhaps that is the price for not getting a sleek watch unlike other competitors.