Glashutte Original SeaQ Prototype!

Sep 03, 2019,22:00 PM

Dropped by my super friendly AD Tourbillion in SF  today just to browse & look at watches:agree:
& they showed me these beauties:thumbsup: from my understanding these are samples or maybe even prototypes:read: 

two size one in 43mm & a 39mm! i love the 39mm in steel in black dial with the faux patina

i gotta admit! i'm starting to love this watch : ) better pics!

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I like them too

 By: Joe90 : September 3rd, 2019-23:55
I really like the Panoramic Date, although I'll have to wait to see if it is too large.

Thanks for these pictures.

 By: jlux : September 4th, 2019-01:48
As much as I like GO, I am not really sure about these...

Thanks for sharing!

 By: Jari from Finland : September 5th, 2019-22:56
It is always nice to see novelties that have just been launched.