Glashutte Original Bracelet Supplier - Shared with Lange?

Oct 24, 2019,08:11 AM

I've noticed that the new Lange Odysseus has a bracelet with the same style quick-release as my Glashutte Original Pano and the clasp design is very similar to the newer Pano clasp.  

Does anyone have information on the bracelet and/or clasp supplier? In the photo below, the marking is "Patented BRO". Would like to learn more about the supplier as I'm impressed with their technical solutions and generally unheralded work.

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Shared also with IWC!

 By: LX : October 24th, 2019-08:40
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Glashütte Original bracelet are Swiss Made

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : October 24th, 2019-10:26
so I guess ALS have the same supplier.