G.O. Stainless Bracelet en route, Thanks Jocke!

Apr 10, 2022,14:13 PM

Thanks to the encouragement from Jocke and a few others I finally have a bracelet headed to me to mount on my newly acquired PanoReserve. An email to Glashutte Original was re-routed to Stephen Kounas, President of Glashutte Original North America where he congratulated me on my selection and told me one of his associates would handle the transaction. Total cost with tax and shipping was $1721. A hefty sum but I’ve been assured it is quite a nice bracelet. The bracelet should assist in making this an often worn almost daily driver in the humid climate of Florida where I reside. I’ve been wearing the Pano for just under 2 months straight on the Factory Blue Alligator and various Molequin straps. 

Looking forward to adding the bracelet for a whole new look!

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 By: patrick_y : April 10th, 2022-14:15
And yes, for humid Florida, a bracelet is probably the way to go! Glad to read Mr. Kounas is now the President. I remember meeting him when he was still an Account Executive.

Arrived and sized

 By: heljestrand : April 14th, 2022-19:18
Jocke, you were right… it’s a substantial bracelet. Thanks again for the encouragement. ...  

Great my friend it finally arrived

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : April 15th, 2022-04:33
I'm happy you like gives the watch a sporty look.

Sounds like a great decision. And it is really going to pop that blue dial.

 By: MichaelC : April 13th, 2022-17:34
I love a blue dial in all stainless case and bracelet, and can't wait to see yours!