Buying the scarce PanoMaticReserve white gold, with red & black dial

Sep 29, 2021,21:06 PM

Said to be produced in limited quantities over only an 18 month span, this exact model in gold is not encountered often. I really like the two color scheme on the dial and the GO factory strap is superb on this watch, in my view. At 42mm in diameter and 12.5 mm thick, it’s not small, but certainly not dinner-plate proportions either; a nice size for my wrist and daily wearer standard. Thankful to find one, and look forward to getting some good use out of it. Thanks for looking, and would like to hear your thoughts 


(Images below are from this forum, upon model release; other two found on the ‘net)

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Very cool! Really like the combination and look..

 By: dkaleal : September 29th, 2021-21:59
Did they do this in any other color schemes? -D-

Yum yum!

 By: Cookies : September 29th, 2021-22:26

Indeed it is

 By: Cookies : October 1st, 2021-15:03
Once the cookie monster was offered 1k, or a trip to Hawaii or a cookie. He picked the cookie. Now, if u offer me a Rolex, a JLC or a Blancpain. I’d pick the Blancpain. Maybe the GO too. Swatch group is doing well now, and their practices are good to the ...  

The dial configuration gets my seal

 By: Thomas_3 : September 29th, 2021-23:16
of approval, for what that's worth to you. Color combination is great too.

Congrats! This one has a menacing look

 By: MichaelC : September 29th, 2021-23:33
And I rather like that

It’s a handsome devil.

 By: TheMadDruid : September 30th, 2021-01:17

It is at that, thanks!

 By: DouglasM : September 30th, 2021-16:21

Great looking watch…

 By: Musashi83 : September 30th, 2021-01:49
I have never seen it before. Beautiful color combination.

Thank you!

 By: DouglasM : September 30th, 2021-16:21

I had the rose gold

 By: mazizata : September 30th, 2021-05:13
Nice watch with superb finishing,. A bit thick though.. At the time of my impulsive turnover of the collection, both are gone! ...  

Wow, great gold duo!

 By: amanico : September 30th, 2021-06:09

OMG! Almost forgot this model.

 By: Tony.A. : September 30th, 2021-11:42
I love it and Im very happy for you who get one.