Some pictures of my new Laureato.

Sep 19, 2019,05:24 AM

So I finally dediced for the time only model.

Compared to the chronograph,that I also considered,this is the more elegant piece and more true to its original 70's design codes.

I went for the 42mm version as this one fits nicely on my wrist. The 38mm version is simply too small for a man's watch.

The "clou de Paris" dial is of course one of the highlights of the watch and perfectly executed.

What else to say about the finish of the case that it is absolutely perfect and equal to the very best!

A special mention for the comfort of the bracelet. It is wonderfully smooth and fits like a glove : proof of a well thought and perfectly executed design.

One of the reasons why I prefered this time only version to the chronograph is the use of the modern caliber GP 1800. Finally a movement from GP that has an adequate diameter to fill the case.
I said it many times before : GP needs to further develop bigger movements as the older calibers at +-26mm diameter are simply too small for the current 39-42 mm watches and impose lots of
unwanted design compromises to many of their pieces.

This is a well finished movement in line with what you would get from other brands like BP,Breguet or GO at simillar price points.
However,and again at this price point, I would have clearly wished for a nicer decorated and/or designed rotor!

Lots of nice hand finishing that can be appreciated by getting really close to the movement.

Thanks for looking,

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You chose well!

 By: fernando : September 19th, 2019-05:32
Hello from a believer. cheers fernando ...  


 By: jlux : September 19th, 2019-05:35
Great to see other Laureatos.

Lovely — congrats! [nt]

 By: Moana43 : September 19th, 2019-05:42

Thank you. [nt]

 By: jlux : September 19th, 2019-08:49


 By: Pour le Mérite : September 19th, 2019-06:58
You can see the hand finishing. There is much disparity on the chamfering as displayed on the balance cock.


 By: mrds : September 19th, 2019-07:04
I find this GP a very attractive proposition. The dial is superb, simple but full of character, the overall design coherent with great proportions. I agree with you on the rotor which is a bit plain, but otherwise the back doesn't disappoint at all! A pit... 

Thanks,Nicolas. [nt]

 By: jlux : September 19th, 2019-08:50

Many thanks. [nt]

 By: jlux : September 20th, 2019-07:51

Nice choice, congrats.

 By: VMM : September 19th, 2019-10:04
Excellent pics btw. Thanks for sharing. Vte

I will,thanks. [nt]

 By: jlux : September 20th, 2019-07:51

Very nice watch. Wonderful picture. Congratulations. 👍

 By: geross : September 19th, 2019-22:26
A winner. You hit the homerun. Best wishes. Cheers 🍻 Geross

Thanks. [nt]

 By: jlux : September 20th, 2019-07:52

Great photos! Bravo!

 By: Desmond_Lam : October 7th, 2019-04:15
Well done! Beautiful captures! Looks awesome! 😉 Like you, I have also recently joined the Laureato time only club... haha One question to all the experts out there, the seal on the movement, is it something similar to the `Geneva’ seal? What is it called,...