Rose gold I would prefer

May 22, 2023,17:42 PM

But also in the non-open dial variants (not sure GP model term)

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Waiting for me…

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-14:47
… to be inspected and visited in detail. Just got the info from my AD. This will be a hard and difficult decision for me! A grail. Next to my IWC MR in Platinum THE grail for me. But the price… 🙏🙏🙏 I have never bought such an expensive watch. I am shiveri...  

Three bridges tourbillon?

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 22nd, 2023-15:03
Very special piece, excited to see pics in the metal.


 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-15:31
Limited to 18 pieces. Here some pictures from the internet: “Mine” would be No. 6. ...  

Very cool

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 22nd, 2023-17:12
I like all the aspects being grade 5 Ti. I think there are other iterations I like better for me, but this is nice.

Which one?

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-17:27
This for example? ...  

Rose gold I would prefer

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 22nd, 2023-17:42
But also in the non-open dial variants (not sure GP model term)

I'll jump in the fray...

 By: MichaelC : May 22nd, 2023-18:57
What the hell are you waiting for??? This is killer, the blue seals it for me!! Good luck saying no to that!


 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2023-22:33
Thanks a lot for pushing me. Would you buy it from me if I would offer it to you in a few years? 😉

If I can afford it, absolutely!

 By: MichaelC : May 25th, 2023-02:02
I think it looks spectacular. Good luck w the decision.

Run away and hide?

 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2023-14:31


 By: amanico : May 22nd, 2023-15:11


 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-15:27
You are definitely NO help in this case… 🙏😳

I am afraid you are right.

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-16:17
This special iteration (grade 5 Titanium case and blue bridges) will probably “never” (never say never again!) come again. Also the bridges and the cage are made of grade 5 Titanium. Did you know that the movement is probably the oldest in the world. At l...  


 By: Jp75 : May 22nd, 2023-16:21
Just seeing your comments now. Amazing the structure with the watch floating between these three bridges with so much air and sapphire crystal on both sides. Titanium makes it extra special 🤯😨🤩🤩


 By: amanico : May 22nd, 2023-20:19

What do you say?

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-20:58
„Girard-Perregaux revives history with a modern interpretation of tradition. Considered the oldest movement in the world still in production, the three-bridge tourbillon is the epitome of Girard-Perregaux virtuosity. The movement, which has remained uncha... 

Boaaaaaahhhh. Also not very helpful!

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-15:49
After this purchase I am gonna sleep UNDER THE BRIDGE with Three Bridges on my wrist. 🥶

It's a good one !

 By: Jtl : May 22nd, 2023-17:06
Wish the bridge was made out of titanium also in case it fell --- not as painful.

The bridge is made out of

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-17:31
Ti grade 5, too. The blue colour is produced by an ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) treatment.

My two (unhelpful) cents

 By: Jp75 : May 22nd, 2023-16:14
Had never seen that version before, looks beautiful I must say. My thoughts so far have keys been to see if the decision can be reverted later or not: in other words, could you possibly re-acquire it later if you were to decide to pass today ? Under that ... 

Very helpful thoughts.

 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2023-21:57
And to answer your first question. This series is limited to 18 pieces. And I think (no: I am sure!) it would be almost impossible (never at never) to re-acquire it later. And sleeping outside in the fresh air might be healthy. If it is done on a voluntar... 

As this is a very special interest piece

 By: penfriend : May 22nd, 2023-16:19
you should only grab it when you are 100 percent sure that you will keep and wear it. there are still so many watches that one can grab in those price regions that these decisions become ever harder than buying most regular sports etc watches as they all ... 


 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-17:28


 By: amanico : May 22nd, 2023-20:19

Thanks a lot for your helpful comment, dear penfriend!

 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2023-17:12
The hair showing on my wrist might be something that bothers me. However, I have tried quite a few of these models in the past, and it was not disturbing. All the best Thomas ...  

Here some more photos from my visit

 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2023-22:26
in La-Chaud-de-Fonds last year. ...  


 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-06:58
with these watches. Especially with the “original” Titanium version: But the Bucherer Blue for me is the next (higher) step in terms of design: 🙏 ...  

+1 for Bucherer

 By: christianch : May 24th, 2023-09:06
the original titanium is too dark


 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-18:08
I had the same feeling when on my wrist. The original tintanium was very stealthy. And the blue color of the Bucherer Blue I was able to see in original today (I was able to pay my AD a short visit today) is not as bright as it appears in the photos. But ... 

please don't forget the pics of the free wrist shaver

 By: penfriend : May 24th, 2023-19:42
I might change my mind with such a tool ;-))) Otherwise looking forward to the solution of this riddle

ROFL! I found the right tool.

 By: amanico : May 24th, 2023-21:10

Never! :))))

 By: amanico : May 25th, 2023-05:35

How can you

 By: MTR : May 25th, 2023-07:17
shave your own wrist with this position. With your tool you can shave the wrists of others or … parts of your body. Or a sheep?

Maybe it’s not a wrist shaver

 By: penfriend : May 25th, 2023-11:49
But captain Kirk’s timepiece 🤔


 By: amanico : May 25th, 2023-20:21

🤪 Hilarious

 By: penfriend : May 25th, 2023-07:15


 By: amanico : May 25th, 2023-11:04

tough call for you I daresay

 By: penfriend : May 23rd, 2023-20:18
hope you don't have too many sleepless nights

I won’t.

 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2023-20:59
After all, it's a luxury problem. I am able to keep the relationships here. So I will sleep very well! 🙏☺️

If not sure, don’t get it.

 By: SingaporeMarc : May 22nd, 2023-16:49
Also depends on the discount and such. Also check around for it on the secondary market. Do you homework and don’t make your love blind. If 100 % sure and you can afford it, then go ahead. I see a lot of very iconic pieces on the the secondary market they... 

I'm all about discounts, but I've learned that they can lead to some serious mistakes 💥

 By: christianch : May 22nd, 2023-21:32
Bucherer isn't really big on giving discounts, especially for the Blue LE. But hey, if he absolutely love it 💜 (not just like it), then he should go for it! I would just keep in mind that when it comes to reselling, it can be tough to retain value in most... 

Exactly. And if not sure

 By: SingaporeMarc : May 23rd, 2023-17:47
Wait for it to appear on the secondary market and save $$$ And they always appear on the secondary market.

depends, some LE do not appear on the secondary market, especially when so limited

 By: christianch : May 23rd, 2023-23:31
and some would not buy in the secondary market (I wouldn't!)😅

I have bought many from the secondary

 By: SingaporeMarc : May 24th, 2023-00:53
Market with no issues. C24 is the safest or face to face meetings. I’m curious why you wouldn’t?

For me personally a luxury watch has to be new 😅

 By: christianch : May 24th, 2023-18:54
My approach to collecting watches is driven by personal enjoyment rather than investment potential. I tend to purchase timepieces that I am genuinely fond of, not with the intention of reselling them. There's something genuinely satisfying about purchasin... 

To each their own

 By: SingaporeMarc : May 25th, 2023-09:26
But it has nothing to do with “investment”. Watches are not investments. It has to do with saving money. And often one can get the same exact watch on the secondary market brand new/unworn at several thousand off. C24 and such will even give a 24 day mone... 

I have made some good experiences.

 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-05:49
But with one exception (Panerai 127) I always bought new or unworn pieces.

I don’t think that

 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-05:47
this marvel will appear on the secondary market in the foreseeable future. But who knows for sure?


 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-05:44
Thanks for this comment.

Oh, that's beautiful Thomas!!

 By: GWIS : May 22nd, 2023-16:50
Many congratulations (assuming you proceed with the purchase!). All the best, Jon

Thanks a lot, dear Jon!

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-20:59
So far I'm still on the safe side of the bridge…. LOLLLL

Wow, this is a BIG decision indeed....

 By: Clueless_Collector : May 22nd, 2023-16:55
My logical mind won't allow me to do it...but if you have too much $ and no place to spend but this makes your AD super happy and you future super happy, why not? BIG Congratulations!

Thanks for your nice comment.

 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2023-22:31
I have a busy week. I hope to be able to visit my AD tomorrow (for an hour) or on Friday at the latest.

very nice 👏I would go for it..perhaps consolidate and let some people go

 By: christianch : May 22nd, 2023-17:26
to finance this beauty..if money is not an issue then no question 👏

I have already consolidated my

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-17:36
watch collection a few years ago. I sold everything I was not 100% convinced of or which was not worn (enough) and acquired some - for me - very special pieces that I really love. I then SWORE to myself that I would go on a watch diet for a VERY LONG time... 

Very interesting ! which special pieces? 👏

 By: christianch : May 22nd, 2023-19:07
I am curious !! I think this is a very special piece. I did consolidate my collection but only to buy more special pieces (so trade-in at ADs). Was a very liberating and rewarding experience !

Yes, Christian, this GP for sure is a special piece, too. 🙏

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-21:20
Perhaps I will get it and sell some other watches. Which special pieces in the past? For example: IWC Perpetual Calendar Rattrapante in Platinum IWC Minute Repeater in Platinum Moser Perpetual in WG Rolex Day Date with olive green dial in WG and so on. ☺️...  


 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-23:20
Hahahahaha. You are a very dangerous watch devil….

I would go for it 👏 a wise man once said

 By: christianch : May 22nd, 2023-17:32
money will be forgotten but the pleasure stays..😅

I don't really trust money.

 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-05:52
De facto a convention that we all (still) believe in. But it is a tool to create or acquire real things. Like this GP. ☺️

Oh wow!

 By: KCLQMULKU : May 22nd, 2023-17:35
Good luck in your decision with this neo-toubillion. It is a very special piece!

Indeed! It is.

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-23:19

You know when right is right…

 By: Ted O : May 22nd, 2023-19:37
…like when you told me over and over to stop wasting time and get the Panerai 127 Fiddy. If you want it and can get it, do it!

Sigh. I remember very well what my advice was for you.

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-23:18
But you were not 100% sure about the watch compared to another PAM. It wasn't a question of cost for you.

Hahahahaha. OMG…

 By: MTR : May 22nd, 2023-23:16
You are right, I don’t ask (never ask) for advice when it comes to watches. My principle: If I'm not 100 percent sure, then I prefer not to make the acquisition. No matter what others say. So: I am sure about the watch. Otherwise I wouldn’t consider it. I... 

I agree. This trend won’t revert.

 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2023-14:39
And you have also to consider that money per se has no value. It is just a tool to create value. And money gradually becomes less valuable. When it comes to inflation, I always find it funny when people say: „Thank God, the inflation has come down to x% a... 

A lot of money but...

 By: christianch : May 24th, 2023-09:05
In the past I bought many watches in the 25-35K range and I thought "this is okay" but then 5 of these watches will cost the same of more special and exclusive piece so in the end rather buy few watches but amazing ones like this GP!

A good point!

 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-18:23


 By: gpinto75 : May 23rd, 2023-03:05
That's stunning, Thomas. I think the Grade 5 Ti is the way to go for a piece you'd often want to wear. And, it's the perfect opposite of your incredible MR. Congratulations! Best, Greg

Thank you Greg,

 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2023-17:13
you motivate me with your comment… 🙏

Thanks a lot, dear Geross.

 By: MTR : May 23rd, 2023-22:07
I desire this watch. For sure. And I could afford it. But my biggest “problem” with this acquisition is that I didn't inherit my money but earned it hard. I have my own company, which is now very successful. But I remember exactly what it's like to have l... 

 By: diresun : May 24th, 2023-01:47
Though I don’t have that spare money to spend like you, I feel that your money is a hard earn one, not easy money, that’s why it made you thinking for such purchase. First ask yourself whether you really like this watch that much that it definitely would ... 

Thanks a lot, dear Sun!

 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-18:41
Very important thoughts.

Hi Thomas, I have (and am) NO moral authority, but I do share with you — and, I’m sure, with many other members — the condition of buying my watches entirely out of my hard-earned professional salary.

 By: FabR : May 24th, 2023-04:34
So while the point you raise is reasonable, I just want to add that, because of that, I feel *one hundred per cent* happy and in peace about my purchases!😄 I know my position is highly ‘politically incorrect’ — like, I assume, many other views that I hold... 

wow ! a bit of a rebus!❓

 By: christianch : May 24th, 2023-08:58
I am not sure I fully understand! " the condition of buying my watches entirely out of my hard-earned professional salary. " but then "I feel one hundreded per cent happy" what does it mean ? That many like watches outside their salary possibilities or ? ... 

And I thought I've been clear! ;-)) Let me slightly rephrase it, since I think these are useful points to make, given the large amounts of money many of us spend on our beloved watches...

 By: FabR : May 24th, 2023-10:07
What I'm saying is that, like Thomas (and you, as I just read your reply below), I worked hard for my money. That is my "condition." And I do enjoy on watches (and other hobbies) much of the money that I earn, 100% happy to be able to do that -- no moral ... 

All clear now!

 By: christianch : May 24th, 2023-10:48
Thanks for explaining - I'm sorry if I didn't quite catch on the first time, I didn't instantly link up with the context. I'm right there with you. It puzzles me when people feel bad for spending their hard-earned money on these amazing watches. Thinking ... 

A well argued point of view.

 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-18:28
That's also one of the things I appreciate and love about our forum. It is discussed at a level that you will hardly find in any other watch forum. 🙏

I completely understand ! I am in a similar situation 👏

 By: christianch : May 24th, 2023-09:03
Why I did so far this year is take advantage of some certified pre-owned AD programmes to sell some watches to buy a new one. So I did manage to revamp my collection. I also bought a LE from Bucherer (similar limitation, tourbillon 30 pieces limited) and ... 

Very well argued.

 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-18:25
I understand what you mean. And I'm thinking about it. ☺️

Dear watch friends!

 By: MTR : May 24th, 2023-18:39
Thank you for your great and helpful comments and also for the quite interesting discussions surrounding the subject of watch buying, luxury goods, modesty and indulgence, joie de vivre as well as the ethical and even philosophical issues involved. This c...