My antidote to the virus. Something warm. 😎

Mar 16, 2020,19:30 PM

Great to smoke a Rocky Patel. With a charming Laureato on your wrist.

Cheers friends. 🍻 Geross

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True. Carry on, la dolce vita. 😎

 By: geross : March 17th, 2020-02:52
Prayers for Italy. 🙏 Cheers my friend. 🥃 Geross

It's a good cigar made in Florida in the States. Quality is similar to that of a Cuban cigar. 😎

 By: geross : March 17th, 2020-02:56
Would be nice in the future to smoke and drink with you Brauner. 😊 Geross

Which Rocky Patel is that?

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : March 17th, 2020-10:59
Didn't know there was one made in Florida.

I am mistaken, the cigar I smoked comes from Nicaragua.

 By: geross : March 17th, 2020-14:38
Our moderator enlightened me. In our cigar club got it in Guam, to sell to us fellow members. But it's all good. Geross ...  

Would like to do

 By: brauner : March 18th, 2020-03:14
I had a Rocky Patel some years ago. Remember they are strong

Very charming indeed [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 17th, 2020-01:56

Yup. I've tried a Cohiba before. Kinda strong. But full bodied. 👍

 By: geross : March 31st, 2020-15:31
I run out of Cohibas. I'll buy again in the future. When I go to New York again. Good watch. What model your GP.? 😊 Cheers 🥃 Geross