GP and APRIOR / Sigma

Aug 23, 2018,18:54 PM

Has anyone seen APRIOR/Sigma marks on GP dials before? This is the first time I saw them on GP watch. They look like little water drops next to Swiss Made.

APRIOR stands for "Association pour la Promotion Industrielle de l'Or" and called Sigma because they look very close to lower case Greek Sigma letter: σ
They should mean that the watch indices or hands or dial (or all 3) are made out of solid gold.
There is a great article about APRIOR/Sigma marks on Hodinkee, not sure if I'm allowed to post links here.
Not sure if indices, hands and dial made out of gold would add a lot of value because of the gold price*weight, but it sure adds an interesting history, charm and uniqueness.
I really like little details like this.

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Interesting observation, Danny

 By: crown comfort : August 24th, 2018-01:09
Not sure i have seen one like this, but will have a look through the boxes CC

Nice find!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : August 27th, 2018-11:52
Have seen this sigma dials in other brands, but never seen one with GP. Best Blomman