GP 1966

Aug 16, 2022,23:28 PM

Personally I’m a big fan. Love the vintage sixties vibe, warm rose gold case, blued seconds hand, 38 mm proportion and manufacture movement. I prefer a movement that fills up the case more. What do you think?

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I like it a lot!

 By: MikeMarques : August 17th, 2022-00:32
It would be perfect without the date (personal preference only, nothing against) and with the hidden caliber (because of the size) but I consider it a wonderful watch! I remember... there is a version of 1966 without date (enamel dial, I think)... it's be... 

The elegance of the 1966 is betrayed by the small movement and date placement.

 By: Cru Jones : August 17th, 2022-12:35
I however overall still liked mine while I owned it.