Girard Perregaux WW TC: Date, perpetual calendar or no date at all?

Oct 10, 2021,08:59 AM

Date. This is the one I had, issued in the very early 2000's: 

The Perpetual Calendar came after, with a stunning and very pure dial. One date, no, the full complete and perpetual calendar, yes! wink

No date, but small seconds. Simple, pure, sober. A classic.

No small seconds nor date: A masterpiece. 

Or maybe this one, as a total masterpiece? The WW TC Tourbillon! 

Enamel even better! 

It is good to dream! 



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Sweet dreams are made of these

 By: Cookies : October 10th, 2021-09:36
Incredible stealth in the WWTC golden bridges. Amazing piece. I did not even know it existed.


 By: Cookies : October 10th, 2021-09:55
These are sweet dreams.


 By: amanico : October 10th, 2021-12:59

no date is quite rare

 By: Gelato Monster : October 10th, 2021-11:01

It is doable.

 By: amanico : October 10th, 2021-13:00


 By: amanico : October 10th, 2021-13:00


 By: APROchrono : October 10th, 2021-13:07

Thanks for your vote.

 By: amanico : October 10th, 2021-15:13

NO date and NO small seconds.

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : October 10th, 2021-15:37

The purest.

 By: amanico : October 10th, 2021-15:43

This one is a dream for me.

 By: amanico : October 10th, 2021-21:42

Very nice watch. Wonderful picture. 👍

 By: geross : October 11th, 2021-02:00
You are really fond of world times watches my friend. You must travel often. To me it is the most useful complication in a watch. 😂 Geross.

This is the one I have....

 By: gyromatic1960 : October 12th, 2021-14:39