Girard Perregaux Vintage 45 Small Second 70th Anniversary, Ref 25880.

Jan 08, 2021,23:45 PM

There is a Vintage 45 we rarely discuss and see here, which is truly exquisite, the 70th Anniversary. 

This is one of the very rare two-tone watch I like. 

Here, the case is made of steel and gold. 

The solid case back is an excellent choice, in my opinion, as it hides the too small movement. 

The cambered case is a milestone in terms of sensuality and elegance, too. 

THAT was a very good one! 

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A brother

 By: brauner : January 9th, 2021-01:07

Thank you😎

 By: brauner : January 10th, 2021-09:45

Pleasure to see it!

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2021-11:07