Girard-Perregaux Traveller 2 ref 4940 Salmon Dial (38 mm)

Sep 03, 2022,11:19 AM

Hi everyone, there were some requests to see the salmon dial so here it  are some pics. 

I was lucky to manage to buy this piece yesterday brand new (NOS). 

Best wishes from Singapore Marc

On the wrist. Wears very well.

As a comparison of size next to the 38 mm 2598

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Thank you dear Nicholas.

 By: Marc.Naidu.personal : September 3rd, 2022-14:27
I understand from GP that only 150 salmon dials were made. So it is no wonder that we do not see them often. This particular piece was made in 1999. The long lugs makes it wear very comfortably. The watch wears slightly larger than a 38 mm which is good. ... 

Wow!! Huge congrats!

 By: Watcholic_id : September 3rd, 2022-13:15
never knew they had this kind of config, it's absolutely stunning! enjoy it in great health