Girard-Perregaux Ref 8772, Modernist design

Jul 11, 2016,00:34 AM


quite some time ago, I should you Ref 8772 in Gold case and gold dial from my collection. A very unusual design with a UFO like case, very thin and quite small (~32mm) but very unique design.


I had also shown this black dial version, I had pursued but not managed to find (yet)


Now I did find another version, with steel case this time and a silver sunburst dial with horizontal lines. A real eye-catcher.


Does that remind you of something?

Yes, It's like a half Damier smile


So much fun digging into these vintage wonders of GP.



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GP is such an interesting brand...

 By: Mike H : July 11th, 2016-01:33
...very creative and innovative in vintage. I am a bit less attracted with their present catalogue (except the 1966 line in which there are some quite attractive and appealing models IMHO) but the history of the brand is so rich and full of nice surprises... 

Very true, Mike.

 By: crown comfort : July 11th, 2016-06:41
the vintage GP world holds many wonders. For the current catalogue, I would also add the Vintage 45 as a very interesting line with many appealing models. Best, CC

Oh yes, the horizontal lines are cool!

 By: COUNT DE MONET : July 11th, 2016-03:32
Bravo to you to have made the connections between both models! Enjoy

Never had seen such horizontal lines before on a GP dial

 By: crown comfort : July 11th, 2016-06:42
and yes, connecting the dots, ahem lines to the Damier was not that hard thx, CC

Hej CC !.. Another one of your somewhat eclectic but very nice pieces.. My fav is the new ss/horizontal lines dialled.. Really cool

 By: hs111 : July 11th, 2016-06:40
You must have a wonder chamber, somewhere deep into the mountains ! LoLoL !! Sincere Congrats to both of yours, plus the nifty twist of "Half" a Damier..

Haha, HS, no hidden magic place, just keeping my eyes open for the unusual

 By: crown comfort : July 11th, 2016-06:43
they do come up frequently Best, CC

Well.. Could you perhaps have the kindness, .. ;))

 By: hs111 : July 11th, 2016-08:11
.. to give me a brief note, if it were a DeepDiver, Chronograph Olimpico or/and Chronometer HF ? - But, I guess, that\'s pretty much asking, and wanted by several, including yourself ? LoLoL !! Enjoy yor new baby, Best, hs

Very, very cool, CC!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 11th, 2016-13:16
Congrats! This is another great find! Hm, I though you were in vacation, but in fact you went watch hunting! Keep them coming, my friend! Best Blomman

LOL! That is very true! ;) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 12th, 2016-02:21

The only Girard Perregaux 8772 page on the internet

 By: jlopipero : October 25th, 2019-12:26
Hi all, Just joined the site due to the fact that this is the only website on the internet where i've seen any reference to the Girard Perregaux 8772 W. I came across one myself and just got it serviced by my watch guy. Working like brand new! Anyone have... 

Modernist Perregaux

 By: arajohn1 : November 8th, 2019-14:07
Hi, Terrific pieces. I was wondering if you could tell me what pieces like this are valued at? This one is on Ebay right now for $882, being sold in Japan. I have been collecting the 9034 hand painted dials, but I really am beginning to appreciate these. ...