Girard-Perregaux Laureato: 42 or 38mm ?

Jun 06, 2017,23:42 PM



I was eagerly waiting to try on the new 2017 Laureato in both 42 and 38mm to judge for myself what would be the best size for me.


My wrist is not very large and I do have the 36mm Laureato 8010 from 1996 which sits well on my wrist, so I was very interested to see which would fit better.


On the other hand, I do know the Laureato Anniversary from 2016 with 41mm case and I though that was a very good fitting size, so perhaps 42mm is better?


Putting them side-by-side shows quite a bit the size difference. From what I learned, you cannot judge from another Reference like the 8010 on the size of another Reference. It is not only the case diameter, but the overall proportions in relation to thickness, bezel and other design elements.


When I tried the 38mm Laureato, it was immediately clear for me: great size for Ladies who want a mechanical watch. For men, go with the 42mm, at least that was my conclusion as it worked best for me.



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And why not a 40mm ;-)

 By: Alkiro1 : June 6th, 2017-23:45
Best wishes Alkiro

Because there is no 40mm :)

 By: crown comfort : June 6th, 2017-23:47
wait, my 8017 Laureato Chronograph is 40mm, so I can tick that box already

Yes I know... but you found one ultimately ;-)

 By: Alkiro1 : June 6th, 2017-23:54
Best wishes Alkiro

Is that the 42mm on your wrist, then?

 By: KMII : June 7th, 2017-00:23
I fully agree with you on having to try things on before making a judgement. I generally prefer my watches smaller but find that while for instance my Minerva Pythagore with 34mm works perfectly fine, the Tudor Black Bay 36mm looks tiny. There is a bit of... 

Yes, that's the 42mm

 By: crown comfort : June 7th, 2017-01:25
my photo of the 38mm on the wrist was not good, needed to discard that as I had camera problems. Totally agree, need to try it and then decide. CC

Thanks Luis, I think so too :)

 By: crown comfort : June 7th, 2017-02:52
but right now other priorities, so need to push that thought out a few months.

Good to know, Luis :) [nt]

 By: crown comfort : July 30th, 2017-04:44

42 has great manly proportions.

 By: jomni1 : June 7th, 2017-00:27
But I don't know about that date window. Should it be better when made larger? Or it could have retained the 3 o'clock marker like the previous versions


 By: crown comfort : June 7th, 2017-01:27
not sure what exactly you mean on the date window. Most of the time, people complain if the date window is too centered, because of a small movement. Here GP deployed a bigger movement and the date window sits at a nice spot. I think it's good as it is no... 

Thank you for these shots!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : June 7th, 2017-02:34
Good comparison, as mentioned earlier, I find the proportions of the 42 mm better than on the 38 mm for my wrist. But even better, the 41 mm! Best Blomman

To be honest, I could happily live with either the 42 or the 41mm anniversary Laureato

 By: crown comfort : June 7th, 2017-02:53
I think from the proportions not a significant difference. Each version has some Pro's and Con's, so it may come down to the right opportunity at the right time. Thanks, CC

Of the 2, the 42mm looks great.

 By: zabreg1 Mr White : June 7th, 2017-02:59
But. I think the 41mm Anniversary would be even better.

I'm with you on that, my friend, but then

 By: crown comfort : June 7th, 2017-03:41
the 42mm is almost equally as good and does have a few advantages over the Anniversary, such as 100m WR and a bigger movement.

Very true.

 By: zabreg1 Mr White : June 7th, 2017-07:31
As always, get whatever you like, pay no attention to others.

Have you tried it on your wrist?

 By: crown comfort : June 7th, 2017-03:42
because, that's what I thought and now to me the 38mm is for girls

Ok, I will be surprised if after you still prefer the 38 over the 42mm

 By: crown comfort : June 7th, 2017-03:48
looking forward to your views.

I have worn both recently and they feel very similar on the wrist.

 By: Velociphile - No longer in the building : June 8th, 2017-11:17
I think it's because with the jumbo, the first bracelet links near the watch head contribute to the overall bulk of it. The 42 wears very flat and the bracelet is very comfy on my 7.25". Velociphile

+1 :D [nt]

 By: Velociphile - No longer in the building : June 8th, 2017-11:13

38 for me

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : June 7th, 2017-05:47
Can you make a photo comparison with the 8010?

I can offer you this shot

 By: crown comfort : June 7th, 2017-06:01
of the 8010 next to the 41mm Anniversary... ...  

Thank you! [nt]

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : June 7th, 2017-13:53

Thanks for the great pics

 By: Ron_W : June 8th, 2017-01:45
and comparison. I think i prefer the design of the 41 mm with thinner logo and hour markers, but the 42mm has a better movement and WR. Does fit you well with lots of presence which you maybe feel is missing with the 38mm ?

Thanks Ron for your input

 By: crown comfort : June 8th, 2017-01:59
it's a hard choice between the 41 and the 42mm, in my view both are great, so either one is fine. For the 38mm, the presence is there, but having a choice with the larger models, I much prefer the larger models, just my feeling. Another person may feel th... 

I agree!

 By: Cru Jones : June 8th, 2017-12:28
I actually had the good fortune of going to an AD today and finding the 42 in grey and blue and the 38 in silver. Just my two cents, but I found the 38 to be a bit insubstantial, both literally and figuratively. It just didn't feel very special to me....a... 

Great feedback, CJ

 By: crown comfort : June 8th, 2017-13:37
for the dial colour, entirely a personal choice. One thing though, I once owned a Richeville 2750 from the 90s with blue dial and after a few years, I felt that the black dial would suit me better and I just had the dial changed at the GP Service Centre i...