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Nov 30, 2018,01:38 AM

Friends, following GLau's excellent survey of UN's enamel dials, wanted to share with you a watch that recently joined my collection: GP's 'Center of the Universe: Sun'

A tribute to Copernicus' heliocentric model, the mosaic dial depicts the Sun in the centre and the 6 planets known at the time in orbit. It is made of semi-precious stones of various colors, cut and arranged together, and topped off with micro painting. Red and yellow colors dominate, especially as one gets closer to the Sun. The 12 zodiac signs are depicted at the preimeter of the dial and their borders conveniently double as 5-minute markers.

Finally, a wristshot. The watch pops with colors and is anything but subtle, still haven't figured out in which situations I will be able to finally wear it. Thanks for looking!

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Huge congratulations, my friend!

 By: crown comfort : November 30th, 2018-02:04
I have played with it before I and share your feelings. An amazing piece of art you got yourself. I think it can work in any occasion, the colours make it less formal in my view so okay to be casual with this watch. Best, CC

You are right CC

 By: iadxb : November 30th, 2018-02:29
This watch would wear well in more casual, yet not sporty settings

Wow — truly beautiful! [nt]

 By: Moana43 : November 30th, 2018-02:25


 By: Watch_kha_wen : November 30th, 2018-02:36
I keep being amazed by how much imagination can be embedded into a timepiece. Wonderful piece mate Kev

Just discovered the source of inspiration

 By: iadxb : November 30th, 2018-03:19
An illustration by cartographer Andreas Cellarius, from mid 17th century... ...  

Great find! [nt]

 By: Moana43 : November 30th, 2018-03:47


 By: Watch_kha_wen : November 30th, 2018-04:09

Big...huge congrats...connoiseurs choice

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : November 30th, 2018-03:57
Well done and bravo you have true piece of rare and high horology on your wrist. Kudos D

Many thanks Damjan,

 By: iadxb : November 30th, 2018-04:52
I was surprised when the watch came with a massive GP High Horology box. Although I knew very well that the movement is the classic GP3300, seeing the box made me have a little daydream of flipping it over and discovering a three bridges tourbillon in the... 

There is always space for improvement ;) [nt]

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : November 30th, 2018-05:20

Thank you JLCman! [nt]

 By: iadxb : November 30th, 2018-04:53