A beautiful ancestor of my GP

Jul 17, 2022,07:21 AM

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GP Vintage 1945

 By: ag1413 : July 17th, 2022-04:51
Some of you might enjoy. ...  

Thats a lovely example

 By: Arronax : July 17th, 2022-05:02
I came very close to buying some of these models before, pure class and quite rare, amazing value for money in my opinion especially in precious metals.

 By: ag1413 : July 17th, 2022-05:27
I tried to find an exact match, but it would seem they all have their small variations.

A beautiful ancestor of my GP

 By: brauner : July 17th, 2022-07:21

Thanks for posting this one

 By: VinnieD : July 17th, 2022-12:47
Actually, I had never seen one before and thought the "vintage 1945" line from GP was a design they had invented recently Yours is most likely very rare indeed