sorry for chiming in so late

May 16, 2013,15:27 PM

but this is a stunning addition to the line.  Love the chocolate dial!

Thanks for sharingsmile


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Girard-Perregaux 1966 Small Seconds Ref. 49543 (live pictures)

 By: AndrewD : February 13th, 2013-12:03
We have had the Ref. 49526 38mm Small Seconds in the 1966 collection in rose gold (LE 100 pieces) and palladium (LE 199 pieces) and GP have now released an updated 41mm version (the Ref. 49543) in a RG case with a delicious cognac coloured dial with a bru...  

Looks great.

 By: dr.kol : February 13th, 2013-12:06
But who needs the text "Automatic"? Best, Kari

Not a fan of this one...

 By: foversta : February 13th, 2013-12:08
I much prefer this one, much more balanced: Thanks Andrew! Fx ...  


 By: blomman Mr Blue : February 13th, 2013-12:12
That one is hard to beat! :) Best Blomman

+1. The dial is too big, the small second looks lost, the date is a no go.

 By: amanico : February 13th, 2013-13:01
There are much more appealing Vintage 66 than this one... Best, Nicolas.

Why you should be ...

 By: AndrewD : February 14th, 2013-01:33
No doubt the 40mm Ref. 49534 you show is beautiful, symmetrical and classical with the enamel dial and blued hands. But sometimes you need asymmetry and tension. The new Small Seconds with date is a wholly modern take on the 1966 idea. The chocolate cogna...  

It is not a question of assimetry here...

 By: foversta : February 15th, 2013-15:57
I love assimetry (Lange 1, Millenary and so on...). The trouble is that the movement is too small for the case and with the second hand subdial, too close to the center, you see it. Sorry but I stay with my initial choice! Thanks Andrew! Fx


 By: flamenco : February 13th, 2013-19:35
Gotta to see this in the flesh. Thanks for the pictures. Do u also have more on he movement ? Thanks

Cal. GP01890-0003

 By: AndrewD : February 14th, 2013-02:06
I photographed the prototype watch and don’t have any images of the movement, Flamenco. But GP are telling us that the Calibre GP01890-0003 is an automatic with 54h PR, 28 jewels, 28800 vph and a rose gold rotor on display through a sapphire case back. An... 

I like it...

 By: crown comfort : February 14th, 2013-01:56
I like these new 1966 variants. I cannot say for sure if I would prefer the cognac dial without seeing it in flesh, but the layout and subtle changes are a nice modern rework of the classic 1966.

Silver opalined dial

 By: AndrewD : February 14th, 2013-02:20
More shots of the versatile RG with silvered dial version (Ref. 49543-52-131-BKBA) ...  

Hi Andrew, thank you for this review.....this dial is to me....

 By: Sandgroper : February 14th, 2013-03:53
Awful, sorry but this is my opinion. Don't think necessarily that the case is too large but the layout with the date at one end and the small second so close to the centre is absolutely not appealing to me. The 1966 small second with enamel dial which Fla... 

No problem ...

 By: AndrewD : February 14th, 2013-13:05
... You're not the only person to react this way to the watch in photos. I would be very interested in your opinion of the watch when you handle one in a Boitique. As a departure from the usual 1966 aesthetic I really did like this watch. Remember to revi... 

As much I love GP watches and designs ...

 By: nilomis : February 14th, 2013-07:42
This one is not my "cup of tea", based on this weird dial layout. Cheers, Nilo


 By: ZJ : February 15th, 2013-19:57
Movement too small for the case...again. GP is stricken with this disease lately. Patek and VC are no better. Lange finally fixed the Grande Lange 1.

The Cal. GP01890-0003 movement:

 By: AndrewD : February 16th, 2013-02:25
The information from GP on this new Cal. GP01890-0003 is that the movement is a large 13.25 ligne ( 30.6mm), the same size as the GP4500 family. While we might have qualms about the 10.5 ligne (23.9mm) GP030C0 in the 40mm 1966 Chronograph, I don't think t...  


 By: rnaden : February 17th, 2013-02:44
Agree with Nicolas and Marcelo. The subdial is too close to the center, plus the date spoils the dial, especially the white against the warm champagne. Maybe if the background of the date disc was similar to the dial, it might look slightly better. My per... 

The unique gear train

 By: AndrewD : February 19th, 2013-02:22
From the comments in this thread the position of the seconds subdial is clearly going to take some getting used to but, just to be clear, it is unrelated to the size of the movement which, as I mentioned above, is 13.25 Ligne and perfectly fitted to the 4...  

Press images and release information

 By: AndrewD : February 22nd, 2013-19:07
GP tell me that the new 1966 Small Seconds with Date should start to arrive in the dealer network in April. Again I think it is impressive how quickly GP get these new models out to customers after the launch. Girard-Perregaux 1966 Small Seconds and Date ...  

sorry for chiming in so late

 By: playtime : May 16th, 2013-15:27
but this is a stunning addition to the line. Love the chocolate dial! Thanks for sharing:) J