You will not be disappointed. [nt]

May 13, 2019,11:38 AM

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My favorite sushi restaurant i have frequented since 1982

 By: Bill : May 12th, 2019-22:31
to last for so many years you have to be good. And my little sushi place is beyond good. The even created a sushi academy to train young chefs but in the trendy times we live in.... In any case i put my place up against any sushi place for quality and por...  

That does look like a fantastic sushi

 By: ChristianDK : May 12th, 2019-23:02
its wonderful when you find these places that are about the QUALITY! My little lunch place close to my office is the same. It’s a small brassiere and the owner is like Soup Nazi from Seinfeld - but the food is incredible. I especially love your last pictu... 


 By: Adamska : May 13th, 2019-00:57
Bon appetite! Cheers, Filip

Established in 1979.

 By: Bill : May 13th, 2019-10:25
Below is a picture circa 1930 the restaurant is located on the corner behind the trees it does not look so different today. ...  

Looks like a smashing spread

 By: halkcb : May 13th, 2019-06:42
Surprised the wasabi didn't deaden the wine. Hve yet to try sashimi or sushi with wine. cheers henry

Chilled pinot noir.

 By: Bill : May 13th, 2019-08:02
Strange choice but works well. Best Bill

Aah I thought it was Venice Italy

 By: : May 14th, 2019-00:14
My next visit to Los Angeles will include a visit

Looks tasty!

 By: patrick_y : May 13th, 2019-17:56
I'm a big fan of sushi as well Bill! And that looks delicious!

there is a place like this is Studio City CA

 By: Mostel : May 18th, 2019-14:54
Moody little sushi chef, unsmiling... only nods when you groan or moan in outrageous pleasure at his dishes... I do understand... very few people appreciate what it takes to deliver ultra fine sushi... and this guy has no avocado on the menu at all, in So... 


 By: Mostel : May 18th, 2019-15:40
Ack.... I will see you there sometime but can not tonight! PLS DM ME the name of place!!! Look forward