What are you drinking this weekend?

May 29, 2021,07:55 AM




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Hee hee the Jack Daniels on the right...

 By: emcquillan : May 29th, 2021-08:28
Brings back so many (thank God pre social media) memories with the best of friends at university. This weekend some Bordeaux for the first time in two months! I had an incredible 8 week health kick. Enjoy your weekend

Ah yes

 By: patrickmaniac : May 29th, 2021-08:55
Mixed with Coca Cola. Teenage time. Cheers PAt


 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 30th, 2021-11:23

Too early to tell but I’ll figure something out I have a couple of choices

 By: aperna : May 29th, 2021-11:47
I just may go old vintage. Enjoy your Saturday, Tony ...  

Nice bar you got there. Enjoy!

 By: patrickmaniac : May 30th, 2021-06:26
Cheers PAt


 By: patrickmaniac : May 30th, 2021-06:26
Cheers PAt

A little overrated I think...

 By: nacelle : May 30th, 2021-01:06
To my taste anyway at least

For the price I agree with you.

 By: patrickmaniac : May 30th, 2021-06:29
Many options other than that. Cheers PAt

It’s is a nice slow sipping whisky.

 By: patrickmaniac : May 30th, 2021-06:26
Cheers PAt

Negroni :-)

 By: oliver.schn : May 29th, 2021-19:35

Looks good.

 By: patrickmaniac : June 5th, 2021-09:07
Cheers PAt

Vodka drinks!

 By: Wojo : May 30th, 2021-00:37
This is a Polish Bison grass vodka, mixed with apple and mint juice. The drink is called Szarlotka, which is a Polish apple strudel, that the drink tastes like. Enjoy Wojo ...  

Interesting! Looks refreshing too.

 By: patrickmaniac : May 30th, 2021-06:27
Cheers PAt