Weekend feast and watch 😊. Have a wonderful Saturday evening, my fellow purists!

Nov 11, 2023,15:53 PM

Cheers, Henry

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Nice cook on the meat!

 By: mdg : November 11th, 2023-16:09
...and lovely watch, of course : )

Thank you, mdg.

 By: joenghenry : November 12th, 2023-15:22
The Argentinian bone in rib eye in medium rare is nice

Thank you, Chiu.

 By: joenghenry : November 12th, 2023-15:23

Both, my friend :)

 By: joenghenry : November 12th, 2023-15:23

Very ince food!

 By: COUNT DE MONET : November 11th, 2023-18:38
I am triying hard to have a good Saturday evening. ...  

Thank you, Count.

 By: joenghenry : November 12th, 2023-15:24
Still occupied with work in weekend?

That is mouthwatering!

 By: KCLQMULKU : November 11th, 2023-19:31
And the steak looks tasty too!

I am uber hungry, now. :)))

 By: amanico : November 11th, 2023-19:56

Thank you, my friend.

 By: amanico : November 12th, 2023-16:17