These people know how to live!

Jun 23, 2022,23:59 PM

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After a long pause we visited our favourite restaurant in the Alsace.

 By: Uncle Chico : June 23rd, 2022-16:03
We’ve known the brother and sister owners over 25 years and after a two year absence we were joined by friends for a short trip over the border for lunch. I started with warm goat cheese and greens. Next came guinea fowl. My wife chose pike-perch filet. W...  

Now that's a real treat! I am hungry now :)

 By: RayStantzPhD : June 23rd, 2022-16:08
Some things have been terribly missed during the pandemic, that's for sure.

Gotta love Alsace

 By: VinnieD : June 23rd, 2022-16:36
They sure know how to create a memorable dining experience! Thanks for sharing - right on time as it is just time to prepare dinner here...

Absolutely super venue and menu. Do you have one of my favorite watches on.

 By: aperna : June 23rd, 2022-23:42
All the best for the weekend my friend. Tony

The First Fusion Cuisine?

 By: le_chef : June 24th, 2022-13:38
With the history of this region it really has an interesting blend of cuisines. By chance I have been looking at Alsatian recipes over the last few days for summery dishes. Your lunch looks terrific.