First Nespresso

Dec 28, 2023,15:45 PM

Got a Nespresso machine and pods for the office, just had my first one.

Actually pretty good coffee, I feel just like George Clooney now.  Gotta go 
easy on it, I thnk the pods are a bit on the expensive side.  I'll continue using my
V60 pourover and my AeroPress.  Really like experimenting with different coffees
and brew methods, have become somewhat of a coffee snob.

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No fan at all

 By: le_chef : February 10th, 2024-20:29
We have friends who have various pod coffee makers and none of them taste like coffee. You can tell they have used cheap fillers in the mix and then over roasted to disguise that fact. And that’s across a number of “flavors”. My preference is to roast my ...