A special dram on a special day

Nov 19, 2023,22:14 PM

Maybe sixteen or seventeen years ago, Dr. Frank Müller, then CEO of Glashütte Original, presented me a special gift. Today, sixty years after it has been distilled, on my sixtieth birthday, I finally

opened this bottle. What a taste! Marcus

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 By: myles721 : November 19th, 2023-22:29
Happy birthday…would love to hear any tasting impressions you might have.

That's incredible!

 By: Dimardi : November 19th, 2023-22:59
Enjoy...how special is that!!!

Happy 60th, Marcus.

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2023-00:35

Amazing! Happy Birthday!

 By: blau : November 20th, 2023-01:46

Happy birthday, what a scotch and what a memory!

 By: als1678 : November 20th, 2023-03:06
The watch world has changed a lot in those 16 years, not for the best in my opinion .... So great to have a time capsule 😂

Happy birthday 🎉 enjoy 🤗

 By: Watchonthewrists : November 20th, 2023-04:44

Happy birthday, Marcus! . . .

 By: Dr No : November 20th, 2023-06:42
. . . best wishes, Art

Happy birthday You are a very lucky person

 By: watch-guy.com : November 20th, 2023-07:11
Any tasting notes ? Julian

Tasting notes

 By: Marcus Hanke : November 20th, 2023-13:08
Well, in the first moment there is overwhemling power hitting the palate, with a salty hint. And smoke, lots of smoke. Back in the 1960s the delicate notes a various cask styles embodied into the brand where not a topic. Whiskies were rougher, some would ... 

Hapy birthday, Marcus!

 By: Gwai : November 20th, 2023-10:11
Cheers Marc

What a lucky guy! Happy Birthday 🎉

 By: cazalea : November 20th, 2023-20:55
And how young you are! Cheers, Cazalea

Happy belated birthday

 By: Derreck : November 22nd, 2023-17:41