Barcelona Seafood Market

Jun 14, 2016,23:55 PM

Large Red Prawns...looks simple but absolutely amazing!

Grilled Veggies

Fresh Scallops

Monk Fish, flakey, delicate texture but full of flavor

Last dish was so delicious!!!!


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What a start to the day!

 By: KMII : June 15th, 2016-00:40
Why, oh why have I opened this before having had food?! All looks delicious - any favourites?

You made the most of this trip....

 By: Andy : June 15th, 2016-09:07
Looks awesome Andy


 By: AlexSunrise : June 15th, 2016-17:12
That is one great meal, Ming! Everything looks yummy! The prawns look delicious! Bon apetit, Alex

So mouthwatering!

 By: moonway : June 15th, 2016-18:24
I still remember a plate of fresh prawns from 25 years ago that I ate in Barcelona...this brings back great gastronomic memories.

Another place to add to the list to visit

 By: ED209 : June 15th, 2016-22:16
Looks like a great place for some delicious seafood. I need to visit this place. Thanks for sharing these pics, I just had dinner but now I'm hungry again Regards, ED-209

Beautiful! [nt]

 By: watchthatman : June 16th, 2016-03:52