My CB deployant finally arrived!

Jun 06, 2021,08:45 AM

17 months wait ... but very happy with it. CB’s tantalum heft meant it always felt at risk of falling off when unbuckling and made me very cautious with it. Now it feels like a more complete and premium watch

What do you guys think of deployant on CB?

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Congratulations !

 By: mahesh : June 6th, 2021-08:57
I recently saw a CS in déployant...make sense considering the heft !!

They used to offer a...

 By: chap : June 6th, 2021-10:29
Tantalum deployant with a microadjustment wheel so you could adjust it mid-day. Never seen one in the wild, but was quoted at 8 for it when I enquired in 2015.

I like it.

 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : June 6th, 2021-11:29
The hinge part you've pictured is in white gold, while the external facing buckle is in tantalum. Mine's comfortable and keeps me from dropping the watch!

So, what exactly is this particular one above made of?

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : June 6th, 2021-18:50
I thought all silver clasps were platinum.

The hinge clasp is white gold on the pt deployant as well, not silver. And I have both as well.

 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : June 7th, 2021-00:42
Annnnnd the hinge part of the pt bracelet is also white gold. Silver is not used for this, the white gold has the right "spring", or so I was told by someone at a boutique. The parts are all properly hallmarked, of course.

THAT deployant over the Tang buckle anytime...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : June 6th, 2021-13:36
But not at FPJ costs and 17 months wait.

I passed on the opportunity to get it twice.

 By: Skyrider01 : June 6th, 2021-15:48
Although I like it, for less money, I decided to get an extra tang buckle and a couple extra straps instead.

Very nice!

 By: n0wjsti : June 6th, 2021-16:07
But wow, that is a long wait. Do you mind if I ask what the cost was?

It’s definitely steep

 By: Lanteanflux : June 6th, 2021-23:06
2800 sgd so about 2100 usd.

Im a big fan of the FPJ tang buckle...

 By: ChristianDK : June 6th, 2021-20:33
Its sturdy and slim and sits very flush. I dont generally like folding buckles but I believe there are to schools on this question and some install the on all their watches.I just put my watch on over a table or cushin and never dropped a watch. Is the pa... 

Only buckle is tantalum.

 By: Lanteanflux : June 6th, 2021-23:09
A tantalum buckle alone is 1/3 of the deployant if you purchase it separately so the clasp bit is about 2/3 but not sure what material it is tbh - I’d read here previously it’s white gold so assumed it is as well, it’s certainly not tantalum. Platinum wou... 

The tantalum tang buckle is US$590

 By: Skyrider01 : June 8th, 2021-20:46
The deployant is about US$2000, so a little more than triple. Other than the tantalum part on the outside of the strap, the rest of the deployant is white gold.

Yes, the outward part is tantalum.

 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : June 7th, 2021-00:36

I also prefer deployant buckles more so than tang buckles but I actually like the tang buckle for the CB, almost as much as I do for Lange pieces since their tang buckle has an ingenious bar to make it easier to strap on and off...

 By: holdemchamp1225 : June 7th, 2021-17:02
I've never seen a deployant buckle for the CB but I guess it would make it even more convenient so maybe I will look into getting one if the wait isn't 17 months 😉😁