Mesmerizing dial!

Nov 11, 2023,01:42 AM

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Is this an MOP dial?

 By: ArmisT : November 11th, 2023-02:15

No; it’s just the lighting from the monitor

 By: Darron : November 11th, 2023-07:29
And the reflections from the computer screen. “Standard” gold dial with numerals

Impressive light effects.

 By: hora12reborn : November 11th, 2023-08:35

Too funny. That is nice way of saying

 By: Darron : November 11th, 2023-13:29
My color balance is way off and you are right. When I was really into photography l used to consider my photos “successful” if I properly captured the emotion of the time when I was experiencing it live. For whatever reason, it’s hard for me to capture th... 

RG with chocolate dial?

 By: TeutonicCarFan : November 11th, 2023-02:27

RG with whitish gold dial

 By: Darron : November 11th, 2023-07:31

Very interesting look indeed

 By: Moka-Tiger (Ron) : November 11th, 2023-12:48
For whitish gold dial.

Yeah, I will try again.

 By: Darron : November 11th, 2023-13:29

What a great piece

 By: ChristianDK : November 11th, 2023-20:07

Thanks Christian, I feel I still not have captured

 By: Darron : November 12th, 2023-15:15
my emotions yet in a photograph of this watch. I think it is how subtle the light bounces off the numerals in certain angles for your eyes but not necessarily for the camera.

I know exactly what mean.

 By: ChristianDK : November 13th, 2023-08:14
Sometimes it helps with natural daylight. Especially if You are using your phone.