Francois Paul Friday - NSA!

Jul 05, 2024,04:03 AM

Someone recently said: new strap, new watch!

Happy FPJ Friday to all purists.


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It looks top!!

 By: InHavenPro : July 5th, 2024-04:11


 By: Lankysudanese : July 5th, 2024-04:23

Wauw, Hussam. You are really rocking that CS in great style.

 By: ChristianDK : July 5th, 2024-04:39
It looks fantastic on you, my friend. I took the liberty to make this thread FPF. The pictures were too good ๐Ÿค— HAGWE


 By: Lankysudanese : July 5th, 2024-06:50
As Jay (Erie) had previously stated, I find this version of the CS to be the most versatile of Journe pieces, and the FPJ sales agent at the Geneva boutique agreed. So, naturally, Iโ€™m gonna keep experimenting with straps. HAGW ahead P.S: Iโ€™m headed to you... 

Here is what Iโ€™m going to wear to today

 By: ChristianDK : July 5th, 2024-04:46
Even if itโ€™s a n old pic. Iโ€™m gonna watch some Tour de France and hang out with my family while Iโ€™m wearing this,summer outfit. Have a great FP Friday everyone ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ...  

Looks great. Enjoy your day.

 By: hora12reborn : July 5th, 2024-05:31

Isnโ€™t that strap just soโ€ฆsummer-y?

 By: Lankysudanese : July 5th, 2024-06:51
Killer CB. Enjoy the TDF.

Yellow strap is๐Ÿ‘

 By: hora12reborn : July 5th, 2024-05:30

Looking good Hussam! I love yellow gator

 By: Darron : July 5th, 2024-08:33
As a strap color.

LOL too kind!! As you mentioned below

 By: Darron : July 5th, 2024-18:29
Yacomino is our true inspiration. ๐Ÿ˜€

Very kind of you to say.

 By: Lankysudanese : July 5th, 2024-09:53

Glad you approve ๐Ÿ˜.

 By: Lankysudanese : July 5th, 2024-10:39
Have a good weekend ahead

My contribution for this F.P. Friday...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : July 5th, 2024-14:50

Shukran ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

 By: Lankysudanese : July 5th, 2024-18:02

Ok, this combo is โ€ฆ AMAZING my friend

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : July 5th, 2024-17:58


 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : July 5th, 2024-18:01


 By: NautNut : July 5th, 2024-19:38
Looks great

Very sharp indeed!

 By: gary_g : July 7th, 2024-19:04