François-Paul Friday - time for roll call :-)

Sep 25, 2020,06:37 AM

Jump in and post your FPJ watch to say happy Friday. 

Here it is miserable, wet and windy but I’m feeling in a good mood. Finally a few days in sight without any plans. I look forward to kick back. 

Got the Resonance back on the wrist. Life is good! I went to the fish monger and bought some fresh tuna loin for tonight. Now I just need to find a nice bottle.

I wish each and a all a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to enjoy life. Time is too short.



200 kg blue fin tuna

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Enjoy the weekend

 By: Phoenix2 : September 25th, 2020-07:20
The autumn arrives in Hong Kong eventually. With lower temperature and humidity, it is time to wear my beloved FPJ with strap again. ...  

Nothing like a nice Havana on an autumn day!

 By: ChristianDK : September 25th, 2020-07:43
I have come to love those brown dials. HAGWE 😊👌

A perfect Autumn companion.

 By: Jay (Eire) : September 25th, 2020-12:44
The Havana has been another slow burner for me, initially unsure but now a few years later and with some exposure it’s a dial I really like.


 By: Swaye : September 25th, 2020-07:26

Same to You Swaye 😊

 By: ChristianDK : September 25th, 2020-07:45
Cool look 👍

It was fantastic. We got two cuts..

 By: ChristianDK : September 25th, 2020-10:26
The best was a marbled, densely structured piece. We got a loin piece. The Tuna was cut up this morning and the staff had been eating off it during the day. A very nice way to spend a rainy night 😃

My sport watch for now

 By: shafran : September 25th, 2020-09:08
changing to my al2 later ...  

Throwback to when the Horological Society of New York could still do in-person lectures.

 By: Journe1304 : September 25th, 2020-09:30
Looking forward to them starting up again someday. In the meantime, I’m watching previous lectures posted online and wishing everyone a very nice weekend! ...  

Yes, some excellent lectures online. I’ve watched a some of them as well.

 By: ChristianDK : September 25th, 2020-10:30
You are so lucky to have such an institution in NYC. Enjoy your weekend my friend!

You got it! [nt]

 By: Journe1304 : September 25th, 2020-15:02

Have a great weekend

 By: the_watch_lounge : September 25th, 2020-09:48

Thank You! You too😊. [nt]

 By: ChristianDK : September 25th, 2020-11:04

Amazing and rare.

 By: ChristianDK : September 25th, 2020-11:04
I saw some of these basket weave dials in Geneva recently. They are nice in pictures but in reality they are absolutely amazing. I really fell in love with them in the Resonance 20 years Retrospective exhibition. You are very fortunate. Have a great weeke... 

That’s a big fish !

 By: Jay (Eire) : September 25th, 2020-12:40
Good to see the Resonance back on the wrist again. I’ve pulled something from storage too; the Vagabondage. (More pictures from earlier today posted separately). Have a good weekend; enjoy the Tuna and bottle ! ...  

Absolutely stunning superb. You make me think we should set up a photo competition in the forum (just for fun)

 By: ChristianDK : September 25th, 2020-12:58
Thank you so much, Jay. 😃👍 The tuna was really spectacular. I don’t have much white wine in stock but I found a nice bottle of Cloudy Bay. Not a perfect match but what the heck. It’s Friday, the family is happy and I’m wearing a Resonance on my wrist. Lif... 

great shot Jay! [nt]

 By: cmmnsens : October 1st, 2020-06:30