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Mar 16, 2020,15:52 PM

Dear friends

I am sure you all have to deal with the situation that is going on in the world right now - one way or another. We are all affected to various degrees by what has happened and what lays before us.
I apologize for my absence in the last few days, as I have myself been very busy, trying to reorganize (most of) my life and plan the best I can for the situation ahead of us.

Discussing expensive watches, in this moment of global events, can seem like a meaningless and superficial undertaking - when so many people are suffering or die and the economy is going way south.
However - dont we all need some place to rest our tired minds, even if just for a minute.  Talk about our dream watches and the beauty we see. We are all dreaming of a future, where we have finally put this horror behind us and can go back to where arguing about after sales service and Nautilus prices seems terribly important.

I think, our community seems even more meaningful than before, in this moment. With old friends and the new one joining in.

Stay safe and let us enjoy our community life together smile

Here is a watch I am dreaming of - BIG TIME- the Repetition Souveraine....Isnt it beautiful?

This picture is next to my trusty old Chronometre Souveraine Notice almost the same dimensions. the CS is  Pt cased where the Repeater is cased in steel as it gives a better tonality and amplitude.

An other detail I love is the blue print on the dial. this watch is so discreet and elegant. The only giveaway is the hammer cutout in the dial, adding nicely to the composition of the rest of the dial.

I remember quite clearly when this watch came out. I was able to see it in Paris. It immediately became a dream of mine to own it. Something I would love to realize one day if luck and means will permit me.

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Thanks for the wise and kind words that I fully share my friend.

 By: Mike H : March 16th, 2020-16:10
And YES it is definitely a very beautiful watch. You know what, your post reminds me I have to take photos of some watches I want to post. This includes a great Hentschel I have to talk about, a rare bird that has joined the nest, and... some chiming ones... 

Dearest, Mike

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-13:34
Thank you for your kind words I cant wait to here more about the Hentschel. What a fantastic evening we had and I was lucky to be seated next to Andreas. He made a lasting impression on me, speaking about his philosophy and his very eanest and and detaile... 

Great sentiment Christian...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : March 16th, 2020-16:11
It’s certainly been a very unsettling experience over the past few days. I have just been told by a friend that works in a hospital, that thieves have stolen sizeable quantities of toilet rolls and hand sanitizer from the hospital. We are certainly living... 

Thank you so much, Dear Cpt

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-13:40
Yes we are all shocked. The speed by which the situation escalates is overwelming and it is difficult to keep up. My wife is a doctor and she is already working a lot extra. Lets all be sensible and stay home. Flatten the curve! Thank you so much for your... 

I completely forgot to mention...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : March 17th, 2020-14:17
The beautiful Repetition Souveraine.

It certainly is...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : March 17th, 2020-15:16
The blue printed dial is sublime.

Thanks for the nice words Christian, that I can only share.

 By: FabR : March 16th, 2020-16:52
By keeping a positive tone here on WPS, we are making it an even more precious "safe space" for all friends seeking comfort or just a mental distraction at this time... An important, extra form of service until the world reopens -- hopefully very soon. Ta... 

Dearest, Fab

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-13:47
I appreciate your kind words. I have you and your wonderful country in mind. I was saying to my wife today; when the world is normal again, first we are going to Italy on a long vacation. My best thoughts to you and yours.

Rest assured, my friend :-)

 By: ChristianDK : March 18th, 2020-04:20
I really look forward to meeting you one day 👍😊

Also stunned by recent events . . .

 By: Dr No : March 16th, 2020-16:53
. . . and finding solace, scant as it may be, on my wrist. Vintage Omega, of course, not an FPJ, but the effect is the same. Hope you're keeping well, Christian. Best, Art

I completely understand...

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-14:02
dear Art! I really admire your fine Omega vintage collection. You have done it with great taste. I bought the book you recommended, btw. I hope I will get more time to go through it once im settled in my new routines of my life at home. Right now Im doubl... 

« However - dont we all need some place to rest our tired minds, even if just for a minute. « 

 By: Tyo : March 16th, 2020-18:34
How true it’s. Things are going crazy out there😐

Thank you so much, my friend :-)

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-14:14
Stay safe!

I don’t think anyone would begrudge us this escape. That’s what it is, always has been.

 By: Jay (Eire) : March 16th, 2020-18:41
We are all dealing with disruption in our day to day lives, and hopefully for all of us here and our families it is merely a disruption. A beautiful watch, albeit a troublesome one I understand (or have I heard too many old wives tales of movement issues)... 

this is true, Jay.

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-14:22
Now needed even more Yes, the Repetition is a temperamental beast, but from what I hear it should be possible to make it work. I think I am really tempted by its understated design and the compactness which sets it apart from most repeaters. my best to yo... 

Thank you so much, Alex :-)

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-14:23
Yes, Isnt it beautiful

It's great to dream in times like these...

 By: IndieFan : March 16th, 2020-22:40
Thanks for your post Christian, it certainly is a welcome relief when beautiful images like these are shared. Stay safe everyone, and keep on sharing these little treasures

My pleasure, my friend!

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-14:25
Great to hear from you. Hope you are well and safe! best Christian

great post Christian...

 By: mahesh : March 17th, 2020-00:36
Dreams keeps us awake & move forward...i'm sure she'll be in your collection soon ! I love the way it is close to CS family - very discreet. Best, mahesh.,

so well said, dear friend!

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-14:29
Yes, it is so cool how close it is to the CS. The interesting bit (as a CS owner yourself) once you start to look in to the details of the case and the movement, and what appeared at first to be almost the same, is in fact different in almost every little... 

+1 [nt]

 By: mahesh : March 17th, 2020-23:55

Very well said Christian! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

 By: Centurionone : March 17th, 2020-00:48
Let’s hope we all come out of this without too much pain and suffering! I share your enthusiasm about the blue dial, very aesthetically pleasing. Hope you will acquire it sooner than you wish my friend ❤️

My friend, thank you so much for your nice post :-) I am deeply hoping the same.

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-14:48
Yes, i love the relative simplicity of the dial and being used to the CS dial, the blue printing seems more vibrant and alive. Keep safe, please!! best Christian

You too buddy ❤️ [nt]

 By: Centurionone : March 23rd, 2020-11:45

Some of us have been ordered off the streets so let's stay at home and enjoy the world of watches

 By: cazalea : March 17th, 2020-07:13
My good friend from college is home recovering from an eye operation. He has some painters working on his kitchen. They are all around 60 years old. They went out for a fast food lunch yesterday, their car was stopped and they were interviewed by a local ... 

haha, thats a great story, Mike...

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-15:05
What a great line by the good deputy I think we are all overwelmed in this moment. We are so lucky to have our loved tic tocs and WPS. Stay safe, please! all my best to you and your wife. Christian

A very warm welcome here :-)

 By: ChristianDK : March 17th, 2020-15:08
I hope you will enjoy our passionate community. ...And thank you for your kind words! Escapism in the right doses can be a very good thing best Christian