A picture of my VB2..

May 14, 2019,20:21 PM

Just a pic of my VB2 taken at the tower of London! I absolutely adore this piece and I love how deceptively simple it looks!

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+1 for icing out your Journe

 By: jleno : May 14th, 2019-20:55
The diamonds look awesome and I love the touch of audacity it adds to the piece! Great choice on the vagabondage as well. Complications like these are my favorite types; those that are both technically innovative and add unique aesthetics to the watch.


 By: doml : May 14th, 2019-21:09
However the diamonds are all factory set, I didn't modify it in any way! It's the 10 piece baguette PT VB2! But I totally agree with you about the aesthetics of it! I love the something extra the diamonds give to the watch! 😁😁

Even better!

 By: jleno : May 14th, 2019-21:28
I would love to see closeup shots around the corners, those look like some difficult cuts to make.

Just a amazing and beautiful FPJ .

 By: Watchonthewrist : May 14th, 2019-23:10
I am not a diamond on a watch guy but this VB2 looks so good i would def wear it . Thanks for sharing and looking forward to see more pics from this watch

A mutual acquaintance shared this shot a little while ago; I love it.

 By: Jay (Eire) : May 15th, 2019-04:15
It’s one of those very few watches where the diamonds actually enhance the watch. It gives the impression that the watch was designed with the intention of have the bezel and lugs set with stones, versus most other watches which seem like the stones were ... 

Baguette set is SO stunning, what a fantastic Journe!

 By: Geo : May 15th, 2019-04:44
Congratulations and I hope you will be wearing it a lot! GEO

So exceptional

 By: colton_d : May 15th, 2019-05:26
This is one of the few Journe references in which the diamonds truly enhance the aesthetics - congrats on this beautiful VBII. I read the article on SJX recently explaining the difficulty in the baguette setting and gained even more respect for the small ... 

It belongs at the Tower of London! It's worthy of being a Crown Jewel!

 By: patrick_y : May 15th, 2019-15:15
The Crown Jewels are displayed at the Tower of London, and your timepiece is worthy of being in such company as well! Exquisite piece!