FS: Seiko Credor Art Piece Mother of Pearl Seiko Credor Art Piece Mother of Pearl

Apr 02, 2023,02:09 AM

Brand: Seiko Credor Art Piece Mother of Pearl - (more)

Series: GCBY997

Model: Seiko Credor Art Piece Mother of Pearl

Condition: LNIB

Location: United States United States 

Status: FS

Listed: Apr 2, 2023, 2:09 AM

Asking Price: USD 13,000 

Retail Price: USD 

Payment Info:


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A new limited edition with a new expression of modernity in the "Urushi" dial that Credor has been working on for a long time
This is a contemporary model with geometric mother-of-pearl inlays embedded in the black lacquer dial by master Kaga maki-e lacquer craftsman Tamura Isshu.
The design theme is "Ryusei Raden". The radiant glow of mother-of-pearl inlay shells vividly expresses a meteor shower of countless stars flowing in a radial pattern.

The width of the mother-of-pearl inlay shell is cut as thin as 0.2 mm to the utmost limit, and the raden is cut extremely fine using advanced processing technology and manual labor.

Raden in the abbreviations are made of brightly colored white butterfly shells to ensure legibility of the time. Other mother-of-pearl inlays are made of luminous shells that emit a variety of colors, allowing the wearer to fully appreciate the exquisite handcraftsmanship.

Due to the craftsmanship necessary to create the dial, CREDOR has limited the production of this watch to only 60 pieces worldwide.  This watch is one of 60!  

Cal.68 Series
The Caliber 68 Series* is one of the thinnest mechanical movements in the world, measuring only 1.98 mm (about the thickness of a 500 yen coin), and has been manufactured exclusively for Credor since 1993. 1.98 mm is so thin that highly skilled watchmakers consistently handle everything from assembly and adjustment to casing. The watchmakers are highly skilled and are responsible for all assembly, adjustment, and casing. The final finishing touches are made solely by the watchmaker's sense of touch. 68 series movements are produced in small quantities, with even a single master watchmaker assembling only one to two pieces per day. Even a master watchmaker can assemble only one to two Series 68 movements per day.
Even watchmakers say, "Even if I have been doing this for years, it's still difficult to adjust the agaki, the ankle, the whiskers, etc. This is truly a handmade watch. This movement is truly a handmade watch.

Case: 37mm diameter, 6.5mm thickness in stainless steel
Highly limited to only 60 pieces worldwide.  


PROVENANCE:  This watch comes from the home of its original owner who has owned it since new.  The watch comes complete with the box and papers.  The watch is unworn, save for a couple times worn in the owner's home and a test fitting at the store upon purchase..  

CONDITION: Watch is in unused condition.  Part of a large collection, this watch has never been truly worn outside of the owner's home.  The case is in excellent like-new condition.  The crystal has no scratches.  The bezel is in excellent condition.  The movement is in excellent condition.  Even the strap buckle is in as-new condition.  This watch is in virtually unused condition

Key points:
1.  Watch is in LIKE NEW condition.
2.  Watch comes complete with presentation box, outer box, and all paperwork.  Watch is complete.
3.  Purchased from authorized dealer and is offered by the original owner whom is a close family friend of mine. 
4.  Watch is highly limited

5.  Buyer to pay actual shipping costs.  

6.  WatchProSite Moderator Handling the sale.  


The details:

1.  Bank wire in US funds is my preferred method of payment.  Please allow time for funds clearance.  

2.  Shipping is NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.  Buyer to pay actual shipping costs.  

3.  Upon initial contact, please provide your full name, your inquiry, your phone number (with country code and region codes, I'll be calling from a US number), your location (city, province, country), all in the first email.  Much appreciated.  

4.  Trades are generally not welcome due to the complication factor, the fact I represent this watch on behalf of a close friend, and because most people value their trades very highly, trades are usually not a win-win.  Please have some empathy before suggesting a trade, would you say it's a fair trade or does the trade you propose heavily benefit yourself?  Please consider selling your watch at your valuation and come back to me.  

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