Any plan to Asean?

Feb 21, 2017,05:07 AM

Brand: F.P. Journe - (more)

Series: 0

Model: Bleu

Condition: MINT

Location: Australia Australia 

Status: SOLD

Listed: Jan 20, 2017, 7:43 AM

Asking Price: USD 19,500 

Retail Price: USD 24,000

Payment Info:


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Beside Singapore, do you have plan to come to any Asean country. I am i Hanoi, Vietnam

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SOLD: F.P. Journe Bleu

 By: ShouH : January 19th, 2017-23:43
Available is a FPJourne chronometer Bleu in near new condition. Purchased less than 4 month ago from boutique. Comes with everything expected from a brand new watch. Located in sydney Australia, face to face trade preferred but can ship overseas at the bu...  

How do I purchase it?

 By: Nguyen Quang Trung : February 2nd, 2017-06:49
I am very interested in this piece and willing to buy it. But I'm in Vietnam and I don't trust the shipment here. Is there a way that I can purchase this piece from you.


 By: ShouH : February 4th, 2017-17:31
Hi, i believe the safest way for you to purchase this piece will be to travel over to sydney to pick it up.

Can it be done in Singapore

 By: Nguyen Quang Trung : February 5th, 2017-00:22
Hello, Can it be done in Singapore instead, \'cause it\'s easier for me to travel without applying for a visa. Thanks


 By: ShouH : February 5th, 2017-01:59
I currently have no plan to visit singapore anytime soon. I suppose it can be arranged?


 By: adrianh : February 5th, 2017-01:51
Can you set the time to ten past five and photo with a copy of tomorrow's newspaper?


 By: ShouH : February 5th, 2017-02:00
Yeah sure, ill get the newspaper tomorrow

I didn't know anyone even had one of those in Sydney!

 By: Harry2 : February 5th, 2017-09:59
Best of luck with the sale, it\'s a shame I didn\'t see you with your watch in the wild. I\'m always on the lookout for a Journe!


 By: ShouH : February 5th, 2017-16:43
There is actually quite a few in sydney! I know 6 within my circle!


 By: thebrokendato : February 7th, 2017-18:16
Any chance you are coming to New York anytime soon?


 By: ShouH : February 7th, 2017-18:19
Sadly there is no plan at the moment

Always great to see a FPJ DownUnder.

 By: Bounce781 : February 19th, 2017-22:12
Didn\'t know we had many here at all. (Just sent you a pm) Cheers

Any plan to Asean?

 By: Nguyen Quang Trung : February 21st, 2017-05:07
Beside Singapore, do you have plan to come to any Asean country. I am i Hanoi, Vietnam


 By: ShouH : February 21st, 2017-05:41
Sadly not at the moment, i may travel to Japan very soon but that is about it.... i understand your reason for not trusting local post service, do you have the opportunity to come down to sydney for a holiday and pick it up?


 By: korakotta : March 16th, 2017-17:49
Would you trade it for a Rolex 16600 from 1990, for a JLC Reverso Squadra Chrono GMT +cash? I can pick it up.


 By: Vintagewatch7 : April 15th, 2017-06:00
please contact me Damien AT vdsd DOT eu Thanks