Sustainability and Human Welfare Award

Oct 15, 2015,10:40 AM

The Chopard L.U.C Tourbillon Fairmined won the 0024 European Watch of the Year 2015: Sustainability and Human Welfare Award!



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Chopard partners PX Précinox SA refining the way on the Journey to Sustainable Luxury

 By: MTF : October 15th, 2015-09:12
Geneva, 13th October 2015: Chopard continues to lead the watch and jewellery industry announcing a new partnership with PX Précinox SA, the Swiss gold refinery company, to establish the first commercial export route for Fairmined Gold from Bolivia. Pourin...  

Sustainability and Human Welfare Award

 By: blomman Mr Blue : October 15th, 2015-10:40
The Chopard L.U.C Tourbillon Fairmined won the 0024 European Watch of the Year 2015: Sustainability and Human Welfare Award! Best Blomman

I did not know that; and now I love that watch more

 By: MTF : October 15th, 2015-15:29
Blomman, Thanks for the news. I do not subscribe to that magazine so I did not know. Truth be told, I really like the second Fairmined watch even more because of that glorious textured dial. Regards, MTF

The prize ceremony were held here in Stockholm!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : October 16th, 2015-00:14
I haven't had a chance to see the XPS in real, but from photos it looks very promising! Best Blomman

Ahhh Stockholm; I remember it...barely

 By: MTF : October 16th, 2015-02:24
I used to work for Pharmacia so a visit to Stockholm was not surprising. What was surprising was the city is more water than land. You don't need a car but a boat would be more useful! I lived in Japan at the time so just had to try Swedish sushi. Word of... 

Sounds like you remember very well!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : October 17th, 2015-00:38
Your description is spot on! Best Blomman