Straps harmonising and emphasising dial colours

Jun 04, 2021,08:30 AM

Recently I was fortunate enough to get a Chopard Jubilee QF.
It is a delightful and elegant watch, I am very pleased with it.
On the other side I couldn't get on with the tan coloured strap. I found a nice ocean blue replacement and as soon as I fitted it noticed how it brought out the subtlty of the dial's colours.
Hmm, I thought, I should have a closer look at my QF. The colour is an interesting deep(ish) brown with a faint hint of green.
I got a mid-deep brown Hirsch Merino strap, I think the result is pretty good.
Later I will get down to Jean Rousseau straps to get one with a better colour match.
What do you think?

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 By: ant : June 4th, 2021-09:37
I'm red/green colour deficient, selecting a colour is, as they say, challenging! HAGWE! Antony


 By: FabR : June 4th, 2021-09:45

Double trouble! Great strap choices, Ant.

 By: MichaelC : June 4th, 2021-13:13
Lovely watches.

Perfect combo on both count!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 4th, 2021-16:28


 By: patrick_y : June 5th, 2021-17:14
I'm really more focused on the watch than the strap, but I have to admit, the strap is great!

I agree

 By: ant : June 5th, 2021-19:28
my idea was that careful choice of strap colour can 'bring out' and compliment subtle colours on the dial. On the other hand the watches are gorgeous!! I think that the original QF is under appreciated. Regards Antony

Both these

 By: ant : June 5th, 2021-19:31
straps were low price, my main concern was getting just the right colour. I think that I did okay with the Jubilee but not so well with the original QF. That deep greeny brown is difficult to find. I am hoping that a visit to Jean Rosseau will yield a per... 

If I was in your position, strap selection for these watches would be based on texture first, and colour second.

 By: Age_of_Surfaces : June 5th, 2021-21:31
It's clear from the Jubilee that the texture compliments the cleanliness of the dial nicely. I see that first and the blue second. So perhaps a different texture (but texture nonetheless) for the original QF? That way you could stay with in the 'difficult...