For Michael C

May 20, 2021,17:31 PM

After my 'in its element' concert picture of the QF Jubilee Michael said he wanted to see more, well okay then. My pleasure.
Against the odds I managed to get one because of KFS generosity. I do not think it's likely that he's reading this, but if so, thank you Karl-Friedrich!!

Last Tuesday week I went to the London Flagship store to collect it. I strongly recommend a visit, it is warm and welcoming. That's just the place, the staff are nice, open and communicative. Part of my deep admiration for KFS is how everybody there understands what the objectives are and all are a pleasure to have an idle chat with. Everywhere within Chopard: the store, the watchmakers, designers, and even the shop floor workers have the same open and friendly attitude. Just thinking about it makes my head spin,,, how does he do it?

Back to the matter at hand, my beautiful QF Jubilee. I collected it and proudly walked out with it on my wrist. Later, as I looked at it more, especially in comparison to my original QF which had just been serviced FOC (thank you Chopard!) I felt that the strap colour detracted from the whole. It is probably because I'm old and don't 'get' these asymmetric colour combinations, but there you have it.
I noticed that on the original the darker coloured strap increased the visual impact of the deep green/brown chapter ring whereas, to me, the tan strap on the Jubilee didn't do this.

I hunted high and low, eventually finding a deep ocean blue strap, sorry, it's not exotic or expensive. Taking extreme care not to scratch anything I changed it. The results are in the pics. I think it works, how about you?

The QF in its element:

That beautiful backside!

I think that this is an accurate colour rendition of the chapter ring,,, a sort of deep olive/brown. Possibly a strap with the exact colour might be good?

The utterly charming hand engraved back of the original QF. I love its quixotic design and hand execution.

Close up!!

Another close up

At the end of all this I have a general question. I picked up the original QF for a ridiculously low price. Although it may not be quite as special as the Jubilee I cannot get my head around how little it is 'worth'.

How can such a beautifully executed watch with a brilliant movement, meeting  demanding certification standards, hand soldered lugs, a whimsical hand engraved back not be acknowledged?

Thanks for reading

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Wow…you just changed the looks on the Jubilee to be stunning and sharp…

 By: Clueless_Collector : May 20th, 2021-17:58
Not that the original calf strap is not a match but I understand your views on the color combinations. I’m also looking at the similar watch you have there and like you said, there are some superb value which I feel it’s a shame for the watch community no... 

Thank you

 By: ant : May 20th, 2021-18:06
I suppose the wider market's lack of love allows us to get some awesome watches at far less than we have any right to expect. It's the same for Parmigiani Ionicas, I recently got a NOS platinum with a black dial for,,,well, not much! If it were a PP, VC o... 

I am a big fan.

 By: amanico : May 20th, 2021-18:59

That's Nice

 By: ant : May 20th, 2021-19:25
there do seem to be a few of us who appreciate what they offer. I think I might make a posting about some of their stars: 1860 Officer's, LUC Flying Tourbillon, The Spirit Jumping Hour, LUC Quattro mkIII that's quite a list of outstanding watches, don't y... 


 By: ant : May 20th, 2021-20:01
not really my cuppa but why not?

Why not, indeed. ;)

 By: amanico : May 20th, 2021-20:02


 By: ant : May 20th, 2021-20:15

I am a sucker for silver and blue

 By: Weems@8 : May 20th, 2021-19:37
Very good.

I agree

 By: ant : May 20th, 2021-20:00
I'm afraid that you'll need a lot of luck to get one. I don't know if they are all allocated but maybe call Switzerland to find out if any have been supplied as stock as opposed to preordered/allocated. Good luck! ATB Antony

This brand is clearly underrated !

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 20th, 2021-22:55

Indeed it is

 By: ant : May 21st, 2021-07:06
brand snobbery is rife everywhere. Some years ago I was at Salon QP, wearing a platinum Chopard Lunar1, a fabulous watch. I will not name the independent who sneered at it, but with that nasty comment he lost my potential business and respect. It's an odd... 

MichaelC thanks you!!

 By: MichaelC : May 21st, 2021-01:54
What a classy duo this is. SO glad you got the latest version, it is perfect on your wrist. I really appreciate the photo set of this very rare timepiece

I was extremely lucky

 By: ant : May 21st, 2021-07:02
and extremely delighted! Kind regards Antony