Followup: thanks to everyone for replying to my previous post!

Dec 23, 2019,18:34 PM

I don’t know about the rest of you but I can go a long time just enjoying the little random assortment of watches I have collected over the years; then suddenly I’ll get the bug and start looking around again.

I’d seen the announcement of the Alpine Eagle and thought “hm, that’s interesting...I’ve always liked Chopard - independent, built their own manufacture, the beauty of the original LUC 1.96, sustainable materials sourcing...maybe it’s worth checking out”. Passed by the boutique, saw it in the window, popped in to try it on and was pretty impressed. Leaned toward the grey over the blue on first try. But the bug hadn’t bit me. Yet.

Must have been a slow burn because it was only maybe a month later that I found myself somehow compelled to go try it on again. This time I took Mrs E with me, and she swooned over it.

Posted here...spent the weekend looking around the shops, new and grey and used, to see What Else. Was I just scratching the itch for something new or was this something that I really wanted?

I’m a bracelet guy... tried everything from no-date Subs and the GO SeaQ and GS diver to Breguet XX and old JLC Reverso Squadras and Gran Sports, Zeniths, UNs, GPs, the JLC starburst blue dial Polaris Date (ok that one is something special!) and now-discontinued Geophysic Universal Time (so tempting, gorgeous), 5711s and 15202s (you can get anything in HK if you know where to go and have deep pockets. I know where to go but my pockets ain’t that deep!). In the process Mrs E nearly cajoled me into getting her a lady Aquanaut which she fell in love with, somehow I was able to dissuade her...

Then went back to check out the Alpine Eagle. With Mrs E and a friend in tow.

Roman numerals with an Arabic numeral date window? No problem.
Design a mash-up of others? Not in person.
Proportions? Spot-on, perhaps even better than the 5711 or 15202 in person on my wrist (your mileage may vary).
Finishing? Metalwork is amazing; movement is competent - not out of this world but very clean and some nice details.

I wish I could just say that I bought one but that’s not actually quite what happened...

Will follow up soon with impressions after some time on the wrist. For the moment everything else is staying in the box!



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 By: Andres_Felipe_Gomez : December 28th, 2019-17:06
Sorry, this watch is tacky, derivative and feminine looking Besides, they stuck in the same movement as in the Mile Miglia GTS which can be had a 1/2 the price. The finishing is very industrial, lacks decent finishing and it’s a disappointment at this pri... 

Thanks for your reply

 By: Esharp : December 28th, 2019-19:58
I don’t disagree that more could have been done with the movement. But our views diverge on your other comments. Design is a subjective matter in any case. To my eyes many watch designs are tacky - including some which are darlings among the commentariat ... 

Yes everything else is subjective..

 By: Andres_Felipe_Gomez : December 30th, 2019-08:06
But the movement, I think all can agree it is a disappointment. Specially given Chopard capability.. such a pity. First thing I did was comparing this model with the Traveler One at the boutique. They have the same base movement and similar prices (regard... 

Hi E, HNY and good luck with your ultimate decision on this eagle🦅! This morning, under the guise of your “implied” instructions, I went to the Chopard boutique to...

 By: GLau : January 3rd, 2020-20:02
inspect it on your behalf 🤣 Overall IMO the Alpine Eagle is a handsome watch and the size is decent. I also like the design of the bracelet and the finishing

Thanks Gordon!

 By: Esharp : January 4th, 2020-18:31
HNY to you too. And thank you for checking it out! Agreed re your observations. Hmmm. We must get together soon to discuss - it’s been too long... Best E.