Did the Strike One hour repeater come in titanium?

Feb 28, 2019,20:19 PM

Recently, I've seen an advertisement for one. The Strike One was launched a decade ago. I wasn't aware that it came in titanium. Anyone remember what that was about?



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Yes indeed it was

 By: keks : March 2nd, 2019-22:48
Very good looking piece I must add. Just not sure about the practicality of the complication... other than it being a complicated one...

Good point

 By: jim vancouver : March 2nd, 2019-22:57
An alarm watch would probably be more practical. The hour repeater would just be a nice background chime. Jim

I remember reading they found titanium had better sound than steel

 By: cazalea : March 4th, 2019-16:15
That was the reason titanium being the case material chosen. Cazalea

Could be!

 By: jim vancouver : March 4th, 2019-17:55
I have a Tudor Heritage Advisor alarm. It's in titanium, and it's quite loud. I wander how precious metals compare to other metals? jim

I believe there was two editions

 By: MrkK : March 8th, 2019-10:44
One in gold with hammer visible and on/off switch in a little window and the second titanium one with much larger opening on the dial to make more of the mechanism visible. I seriously considered one until I realized that it only chimes once on each passi... 

I see!

 By: jim vancouver : March 8th, 2019-16:05
Thanks. I didn't realize that it chimed only once. Then, it's not as useful as a sonnerie. Jim