Chronometer 1963

Sep 02, 2020,23:43 PM

Not bad at all, what do you think?

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Just Superb!

 By: Pun : September 2nd, 2020-23:51
It shows what a good Swiss Gentleman's watch ought to be....

Thank you for appreciating! [nt]

 By: jack johnson : September 3rd, 2020-00:12

Thank you, sir! [nt]

 By: jack johnson : September 3rd, 2020-05:34

Thank you very much, Nicolas! [nt]

 By: jack johnson : September 3rd, 2020-05:35

I think it is just awesome.

 By: countzero : September 3rd, 2020-01:04
This is what classical watchmaking is about.

Thanks a lot! [nt]

 By: jack johnson : September 3rd, 2020-05:35

Thnk you, sir! The dial is lacquerer solid gold

 By: jack johnson : September 3rd, 2020-05:38
and the movement plates are in untreated German silver

Same lacquered dial than this one.

 By: amanico : September 3rd, 2020-05:40

Yes, sir! That one is even more special -

 By: jack johnson : September 3rd, 2020-05:48
with a convertible and upsized case.

And also much bigger! [nt]

 By: amanico : September 5th, 2020-01:04

I love this watch.

 By: blau : September 3rd, 2020-04:36
There's something so appealing to me about a big chronometer movement with an elegant dial. The IWC Portuguese, the Richard Lange... but this might be my favorite!

Thanks a lot for appreciating!

 By: jack johnson : September 3rd, 2020-05:40
the movement is still very well withing the chronometer specs after 4 years of ownership.

Thank you, sir! L.U.C. watches are indeed

 By: jack johnson : September 3rd, 2020-05:44
very special. And to compete with the top Patek models Chopard now also hqs Ferdinand Berthoud propositions...