Alpine Eagle XPS

Jul 21, 2023,10:52 AM

A view of caliber L.U.C 96.40-L which is both COSC certified and bears the Geneva Seal. It runs at 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz) and has a 65-hour power reserve. Best, V.

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To me is the most alluring part of this release

 By: TeutonicCarFan : July 21st, 2023-13:05
LUC eagle basically


 By: patrick_y : July 21st, 2023-14:21
The original movement in the Alpine Eagle was nice, and fantastic. But this movement is one of the best movements in the house of Chopard. The 1.96 series movement in the original 1860 is one of my favorite movements and I am so glad they put it into the ... 

Thanks, my friend.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 21st, 2023-15:14

 By: hora12reborn : July 21st, 2023-20:03
The autonomy of this movement is to be appreciated and and outstanding feature when compared to the Patek 240 PS.


 By: Pretty Boy : July 22nd, 2023-07:14

Many thanks.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 22nd, 2023-07:14

Nothing beats an accurate and well-finished movement that actually fills the case.

 By: Lankysudanese : July 22nd, 2023-12:11
Thanks for sharing, and wear it in good health

Thanks a lot.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 22nd, 2023-15:28

Thanks, Justin.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 22nd, 2023-15:28

Winner winner when a sports watch also is paired with a beautiful movement.

 By: Nicetomeetyou : July 22nd, 2023-12:50
💯 m water resistance is the cherry on top!

Yep! Many thanks.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 22nd, 2023-15:29

Wow. Nice surprise..

 By: MSB : September 7th, 2023-23:53
I had no idea the eagle ahs landed with the 1.96 style movement!

I love the back

 By: jaspermccrea : September 8th, 2023-10:30
But I think it's slightly spoiled the front. Wish they'd used a centre seconds 96.

Not only that, and that beauty photo, IMO this tops Patek 240 in so many aspects.

 By: MilDiver : September 9th, 2023-14:39
Beside the mentioned 4hz, This movement uses two barrels, (stacked and operate in sequence), The rotor which winds in both directions is using ball bearings, and, I've never had an issue with the Chopard movement, while the 240 proved to be less reliable ... 


 By: p.boxster : September 10th, 2023-18:35
… best microrotor movement in the market - since 1996. And just now it gets more and more recognizement…