Tried the new santos

Jun 16, 2018,12:24 PM

And it’s not bad at all!!

The new mechanism to fit the bracelet is amazing.

Compared it with the 15450 as I also really like that one!!

Now no more talk are the pictures!!

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Love the Santos but this one

 By: Passionata_george : June 16th, 2018-13:10
not really

The new Santos really captures the spirit of the original piece.

 By: DruidPadj : June 16th, 2018-14:23
A much better size than what had been in the collection the last 15 years or so. And the quick change to strap is a very nice addition. Like getting two watches for the price of one. Oh, yeah. And the price is quite reasonable.

I too was in love with it but in person the two tone polished gold bezel ruined it for me (brushed finish much better) and the shade of gold was paler than the press pictures...

 By: SALMANQ8 : June 16th, 2018-16:15
the quality of the dial and hands was very very average. I had to regretfully walk away as I really really wanted one. S

I tried on the steel one-the medium.

 By: DruidPadj : June 17th, 2018-07:01
It is plain but it was very comfortable and it had the Santos spirit. I liked it a lot. I passed on it because I decided to get the Laureato chronograph. But the Santos is something I'm still looking at.

It’s definitely a nice piece for sure! But

 By: singingbee : June 16th, 2018-18:58
I feel that 15450 is nicer. Of course you can’t go wrong with either.

I kinda miss

 By: traineract : June 17th, 2018-05:01
The old Santos (the one w sizes). But this has its own charm


 By: Weems@8 : April 6th, 2019-11:15
The Santos is realy great. At this moment of writing there is the Santos with blue dial. The blue dial is awsome. Sorry for the seccond picture, i am not an AP guy.