Strap experimenting

Apr 29, 2020,00:14 AM

In these times leather straps are arguably less convenient for daily purposes, so decided to try on a rubber strap for my Pasha. A bit of an experiment, which some Purists might well bark at, but I was curious to see if a more marine/diver look would suit this older style Pasha. Chose an Uncle Seiko waffle strap, which seemed to fit the clous de Paris on the vendome lugs. I won't claim the result of adjusting the lug fit with a box cutter is something to speak home about. For a more permanent solution, I would probably have a professional make the cut out and if possible find a strap where the pattern doesn't extend all the way to the lugs. But let me know what you think...

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I like it!

 By: Arronax : April 29th, 2020-00:22
Share a few more pics!


 By: : April 29th, 2020-00:30

Not bad at all!

 By: mrds : April 29th, 2020-00:31
Gives some new face to the Pasha. I think you did very well. Enjoy, Daniel

Very kind - thank you!

 By: : April 29th, 2020-10:45
I agree, it really changes the overall look of the watch.

I love the lugs

 By: Geo : April 29th, 2020-02:45
and I am sure that many Pasha owners would really like the idea of having a rubber strap like this on their Pasha or Seatimer. Well done. GEO

Thank you GEO!

 By: : April 29th, 2020-03:35
...perhaps a group buy could be an option if it is possible to get a batch custom made to fit the lugs.

Totally agree with your point

 By: RicardetCie : May 5th, 2020-20:45
Excellent idea - I hope this strap choice will come one day, this will encourage owners of Pasha Seatimer & Pasha 42 to wear again.

Sports classic

 By: Weems@8 : April 29th, 2020-03:04
Fun at experimenting. A boxcutter just for the experiment. Rubber can tear in when use a boxcutter. It is not easy to deliver quality, so a specialist can deliver custom rubber straps. Succes.

Thank you.

 By: : April 29th, 2020-03:36
That is a good point. Very interesting about the possibility of ordering one or several custom made. Would you know what company to contact?


 By: : April 29th, 2020-10:44
That comparison struck me as well - not least in this particular version with the engine turned dial.

Nicely done.

 By: John : April 29th, 2020-12:13
straps are tough to find for the Pasha! Love the patina, although dial darkening seems to be an unfortunate characteristic for Pasha dials. Yours wears it well though.

Thank you!

 By: : April 29th, 2020-13:54
You are right regarding Pasha dials - I have been looking for some time and a surprisingly high percentage had various dial issues. For this particular dial variant darkening around the middle section seems to be most common. Like you. I find that it can ... 

‘Under the Sea’

 By: Jim : April 29th, 2020-17:11
Looks great — the patina/dullness in the finish of the case makes the watch look more like an underwater piece so the diver strap works.

Good point

 By: : April 30th, 2020-23:48
I have always liked how YG ages and patinates - may be part of the reason I gravitate towards YG watches - but never made the connection to the diving context.