Santos Dumont Bevelling.

Apr 18, 2021,08:29 AM


Just recently received the beautiful Santos Dumont XL mechanical and quickly noticed how uneven the bevelling on the lugs are. One side is twice the width of the other. Also, the jewel on the crown is not symmetrical at all! Quiet shocking tbh.

Anyone who owns any of the new Santos Dumont notice anything wonky with their bevels or is it just me? Lol

Very wide with soft transition.

Thinner and clear transitions from brushed to polished.

Jewel not synthetical.

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Wow,this is not looking good.

 By: jlux : April 18th, 2021-08:55
Especially the bevelling issue is unusual for a watch of that price category and from such a company !

In my opinion you should return and reject this watch ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : April 18th, 2021-09:03
You will never be satisfied with this watch. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

A replacement is on its way!

 By: TheWindingStem : April 19th, 2021-18:46


 By: PalmSprings : April 20th, 2021-00:41
Did they mention anything else? I wonder how often this happens.

Their quality control must obviously have slept.

 By: MTR : April 18th, 2021-09:13
You should definitely ask for a new one! And an explanation. A no-go for me for a brand like Cartier. Good luck Thomas


 By: PalmSprings : April 18th, 2021-09:49
Is this from an AD?

From Cartier directly.

 By: TheWindingStem : April 19th, 2021-18:47

Cartier has always been

 By: Jari from Finland : April 18th, 2021-10:22
famous of its quality but now something must have gone wrong.

This is definitely an exception.

 By: TheWindingStem : April 19th, 2021-18:47

My thoughts

 By: Weems@8 : April 18th, 2021-10:30
The demand of hand made crafts increase. More and more watches are hand finished. Perfectionism is for me the most important, and perfect watches just awesome. I can not live with imperfections, and my Longines is hurt, same feeling of your Dumont. So sen...  

Bad penny?

 By: amg786w : April 18th, 2021-10:47
I'm sure even the mighty brands have an off QC day. I'm sure Cartier will sort you out. I recall when i purchased my GS Snowflake, the hands were quite scratched up and showed their flaws in certain lights. GS were adamant though that if it could not be s... 

Cartier has gotten away with horological murder for years

 By: blau : April 18th, 2021-12:17
Seriously, we all know this. Is there any watch brand that offers *less* in the $3k - $10k range than Cartier does? Handle a modern steel Tank Solo or Tank Americaine or Tank MC. Then go across the way to the JLC boutique and compare a same-price-level Re... 

I respectfully disagree.

 By: TheWindingStem : April 19th, 2021-18:53
The quality of cartier watches are generally on a very high level -Including the basic models. JLC by far has one of the worse quality control in the industry, hands are almost always dirty, dusty or scuffed up. Scratches on dials and crystals and much mo... 

Is it that bad

 By: magdaokazjanuo : April 22nd, 2021-08:28
I guess this post wasn't what I was expecting to read while looking for opinions on Cartier watches. I want to buy one for my wife's 50th birthday next month and stumbled across this list . I guess none of these models are worth the money and I should lo... 

That's my opinion

 By: blau : April 22nd, 2021-23:08
TheWindingStem is no fool, though, and he clearly disagrees with me! As I said in the original, I'd recommend JLC Reversos over similar Cartiers. I think Blancpain makes particularly lovely ladies watches, too. But I'll admit that for many women, there's ... 

They don’t look acceptable.

 By: mj23 : April 18th, 2021-13:22
It’s quite shocking

Let us know what the dealer does when you return it

 By: JV_Zag : April 18th, 2021-17:16
I would imagine some gifts may be in order

Don't be's from the New Cartier!!

 By: W.F. : April 19th, 2021-17:36
Sorry for you , hope you return it to them soon. But No surprise at all! Believe it...Cartier has gone commercial more than a decade , they left thier principles one by one but in very slow steps, despite they now announced/claimed to go back to the roots...